Le Mans Prototype Challenge

The LMPC class (Le Mans Prototype Challenge ) is a motorsport category is disputed with identical cars from the French manufacturer ORECA. The cars are derived from the LMP class cars and are preferably used in endurance racing, in racing series organized by the regulations of the French Federation ACO, is used.

Use device

The LMPC or Formula Le Mans car, unlike the name suggests, not a formula car ( single-seater ), but in principle a 2- seater Le Mans prototype. The chassis is based on the Courage LC75 LMP2, the further developed after the purchase of Courage Oreca 2008 under their direction to a kostengüstigeren and more robust variant. With the vehicle wanted Oreca and create the 24 - hour race at Le Mans organizing French Automobile Association ACO cheap entry level in the Le Mans prototype racing, which was closer to the real LMP by technology than the comparable group CN vehicles, thereby would be to operate at a comparable cost to the CN. During the Year 2009, the Formula Le Mans Series began as a one-make cup in the Framework Programme of the Le Mans Series, the vehicles including the LMS and ALMS, as a separate class since 2010 in several series, admitted.


LMPC car

Marked with the type designation FLM09 vehicles are motorized with a General Motors LS3 small block V8, the engine management system from Magneti Marelli originates and develops about 440 hp. Since 2010, the engines are equipped with a Airestriktor to use the car in long- distance trains on the side of stronger LMP classes. The gear of cars comes from Xtrac and the car has a sequential 6-speed circuit that is operated by a paddle shift on the steering wheel. The cars run on standard tires from Michelin and the carbon brakes are sourced from Brembo.

Use series

Formula Le Mans Cup

2009 drove the FLM09 under a brand trophy, which occurred in the Framework Programme of the LMS and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Participated 9-13 teams at the usually one-hour race with mandatory driver change. The series was won by the DAMS team. DAMS driver Nico Verdonck won the drivers' title. The following year, the series was set in the LMS race due to the integration of teams and cars.