Le Touquet

Le Touquet- Paris -Plage ( or shorter Le Touquet ) ( larger needles Het Hoekske ) is a commune with 4538 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the Pas -de- Calais ( 62), in the Nord -Pas -de -Calais. It belongs to the district of Montreuil and the identical provisions of Canton.


The seaside town with about 5,400 inhabitants, is located on the south side of the estuary of the river Canche coast in the English Channel about 40 km south of Boulogne- sur -Mer. On the other side of the estuary is the town of Etaples. The coastline is called the Côte d' Opale.


Le Touquet is a creation of the 19th century, which was visited initially primarily by Englishmen; the extension Paris -Plage is due to the fact that the place later - probably due to its convenient connection - was one of the preferred beach resorts of the Parisians. (Le Touquet is near the Route nationale 1 as well as on the railway line Paris -Calais London. )


The outstanding feature of bathing and health resort is next to the casino and the golf courses of the twelve kilometers to the south reaching the Canchemündung and even at high tide sufficiently wide sandy beach. A 1855 scale pine forest on the edge of the center, however, has hardly any tourist value because it was largely parceled out and built up with villas.


To the east of the city's street department 940 leads to a bridge over the Canche for Etaples. Further east runs the Autoroute A16, which can be reached via the junction 26 ( Etaples ). Etaples is also the station Etaples -Le Touquet on the railway line Paris - Boulogne -sur -Mer, which is approached by French Intercités except by the Regional Transport TER Nord-Pas- de -Calais. The airport Aéroport du Touquet - Côte- d'Opale (IATA: LTQ, ICAO: LFAT ) is located in the northeastern area of the river mouth. It is used mainly sports and leisure purposes. Three flight schools, including two helicopter flights are also situated there.


Likewise, Le Touquet is famous for its well-known since the 1970s Motorcycle Dune Rally Enduro du Touquet, which takes place every year in February and is visited from all over the world. From 2006 the race - a priority for conservation reasons - moved from the dunes to the beach and renamed Enduropale. Around 1000 Enduro pilots carry more than three hours the race from the beach. The winner is who has the most laps ( 16 km) is down. The fastest participant drives at the beach with a top speed of over 200 km / h In 2005, 450,000 viewers watched the event on Paris Plage tracked and thus Le Touquet is the largest motorsports event in the world. Best non-French participants of the first Enduropale Touquet 2006 was Dirk Röhm from the Beach Racing Team Germany.


Twin cities of Le Touquet

  • Winterberg in North Rhine -Westphalia ( Germany ), since 1966
  • Rixensart in Wallonia ( Belgium), since 1970
  • Witney in Oxfordshire ( UK), since 1980
  • Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia, since 1984
  • Cary (North Carolina ) (United States ), since 1994

Born in Le Touquet- Paris -Plage

  • Jacques Delcourt was born on 21 August 1928 in Le Touquet; † 19 November 2011 in Paris. Former President of the Frannzösichen Karate Association, the European Karate Federation and World Karate Association WUKO.
  • Christian Ferras, geboran on 17 June 1933 in Le Touquet; † 14 September 1982 in Paris, significant Violinist