Leafpad (English leaf = leaf, pad = [ write ] block, pad ) is a minimalist text editor for Unix -like operating systems, which is characterized by a few dependencies on other software.

The software is very slim and achieved on modern systems negligible start times. It offers unlimited redemption of processing steps, search and replace, and a print function, the character encoding of texts automatically detects supports drag and drop and can display line numbering.

Leafpad is programmed by Tarot Osuji in C and has a rating based on GTK 2 graphical user interface. It is distributed under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as free software.

Leafpad is the default text editor of the working environment LXDE and Xfce also popular distro Xubuntu.

2004 by Erik Harrison mousepad, the default editor of Xfce, cleaved to add support for printing. Meanwhile Mousepad by Nick Schermer has been completely rewritten ( version > 0.3) and has as well Leafpad a print function. In version 11.10 ( October 2011) Xubuntu mousepad was replaced by Leafpad.