Leah (given name)

Lea or Leah is a female first name.

Origin and Meaning

For the name Lea, there are various origin declarations. Hypotheses will be apparent when speaking family and / or religious backgrounds.


In the Tanach, the Old Testament of the Bible, is Lea (Hebrew לֵאָה, Le'ah ), the first wife of the patriarch Jacob and mother of six sons, who are among the ancestors of the twelve tribes of Israel, and the daughter Dina. For the derivation of the name Lea / Leah there are several opinions. First, in the Hebrew root word לאה ( la'ah ), " tired ", " vainly strive " to go back ( cf. Gen 29.17 EU). However, since it is questionable whether even " tired " of the Ugaritic root L' j " be strong " for, but a paronomastischer respect of the Hebrew word la'ah the name Leah is present, it is probably a folk etymology. On the other hand, the name can have the meaning of the Hebrew " ( Wild) cow ", which is related to Akkadian, Ugaritic and Arabic roots.

Other derivatives

From the Assyrian shall Lea can be derived as the ruler or mistress.

In Romance languages ​​the first name Lea from the Latin meaning for Lioness ( synonym to Leaena ) can be derived and is the female counterpart to the male name Leo.

Tradition and dissemination

In Dante's Divine Comedy (14th century) Lea is the embodiment of active and fruitful love ( Purgatorio, 27er songs, paragraph 34).

Since the 1980s, Lea is one of the most popular female first name and in 1996 was the first time the foremost 10 places this collection.


March 22: St. Lea of Rome († March 22 384 ). Your name goes back to the Latin name of tradition. In the Catholic Church the Holy is the mother of virgins and patron saint of widows. From her death, the name day Leas derives on March 22.

Name winners

  • Lea ( Bible ): the older sister of Rachel, and first wife of Jacob, the ancestor of the Israelites in the Torah
  • Lea Ackermann ( b. 1937 ), German nun
  • Lea Ahlborn (1826-1897), Swedish artist
  • Lea Fleischmann ( b. 1947 ), Israeli writer
  • Leah Goldberg (1911-1970), Israeli writer, translator and linguist
  • Lea Great (1906-1997), Polish- German functionary and journalist
  • Lea Grundig (1906-1977), German painter and graphic artist
  • Lea Saskia Laasner ( born 1980 ), Swiss author
  • Léa Linster ( b. 1955 ), Luxembourg cook
  • Lea Massari ( born 1933), Italian actress
  • Lea Müller ( orienteer ) ( b. 1982 ), Swiss orienteer
  • Lea Müller (actress ) (* 1999), German actress
  • Lea Nikel (1919-2005), Israeli painter
  • Léa Pool ( born 1950 ), Swiss- Canadian film director and screenwriter
  • Leah Rabin (1928-2000), Israeli politician
  • Leah Remini (born 1970 ), American actress
  • Lea Rosh (* 1936), German television journalist and publicist
  • Lea Salonga (born 1971 ), Filipino singer and actress
  • Lea Sölkner (* 1958), Austrian alpine skier
  • Lea Thompson ( born 1961 ), American actress