Learjet 28

When Learjet 28 is a twin-engine business jet in low-wing design. The aircraft has a two-man cockpit and a cabin for up to ten passengers who are accommodated in the seat assembly 1 1. Typically, however, only seats for eight passengers were installed. The first flight of the Learjet 28 took place on 24 August 1977.

The Learjet 28 is based on the Learjet 25, but received a completely new wing with winglets on the wing tips. The Learjet 29 is identical, however, apply to a higher range. The commercial success was because the engines are too loud and the fuel consumption was too great.

From the Learjet Model 28 series only five machines were built in total, they all still were in use in 1998. The Learjet 28 was replaced by the more developed Learjet 35.


  • Wingspan: 13.35 m
  • Length: 14.50 m
  • Height: 3.73 m
  • Max take off weight: 6805 kg
  • Maximum speed: 883 km / h
  • Optimum Cruise Speed: 756 km / h
  • Service ceiling: 15545 m
  • Range: 2660 km
  • Passengers: up to 10
  • Engines: 2 × General Electric CJ610 -8A, each with 13.1 kN thrust