Learjet 35

When Learjet 35 is a twin-engine business aircraft in low-wing design.

Development and Construction

The aircraft has a two - man cockpit and a cabin for up to ten passengers who are accommodated in the seat assembly 1 1. The first flight of a Learjet 35 took place on 22 August 1973.

The Learjet 35 is based on the Learjet 25, which again lengthened fuselage of the Learjet 28 The Learjet 36 is identical, however, apply to a higher range and has only six seats. This development was a great commercial success since the engines were quiet and very economical.

In 1976, the model for the Learjet 35A have been developed, which has a slightly higher take-off weight.

From the Learjet Model 35 series total of 675 aircraft were built and then replaced in 1994 by the more developed Learjet 31A. By 2003, 46 aircraft were lost due to accidents.

A military variant of the Learjet 35A Learjet is the C-21, of which the American National Guard has ordered 84 pieces. You are in transport use.

Military user

  • Maritime Self-Defense Forces
  • United States Air Force