Lebanon (Ohio)

Warren County


Lebanon is a city in Warren County, Ohio, United States and serves as the county seat ( county seat ) of Warren County. In the 2000 census, the city had 16,962 inhabitants.


Lebanon is located in the southwest of the state of Ohio between the cities of Cincinnati and Dayton in the south to the north. The city is located on Interstate 71, which connects the city of Louisville in Kentucky with the cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, Mansfield and Cleveland in Ohio and runs in a northeasterly direction here between Lebanon and South Lebanon.

Through the city run star-shaped U.S. Highway 42, Ohio State Route 48, Ohio State Route 63 and Ohio State Route 123


The name was due to the numerous juniper trees that are similar from a distance of Lebanon cedar, selected.

In 1800, Ichabod Corwin was the first settler in the area, which was first mentioned in 1802 from Lebanon. In 1803 there were only five settlers in the area, and since it merely involved the men, not one made up of many hopes for a rapid growth of the population. In 1805, however, Lebanon has been the administrative center of the county and in 1806 the first courthouse was built. 1810 Lebanon was established as a separate municipality.

In 1840 the municipality of 1,327 inhabitants. The construction of the Warren County Canal had brought this as growth. These improved roads came to Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. The first railroad was the Little Miami Railroad, which ran four miles south of the city. In 1846 there were already six churches, two newspaper offices, 15 shops, two saw mills and a flour mill in the city.

In the 1890 census, there were 3,174 people who lived here. There was already a university that was founded National Normal University in 1855 with nearly 2,000 students. This was closed in 1917.

Culture and sights

The city is known for its old houses from the 19th century, antique shops and ice cream parlors.

In Lebanon, there are numerous attractions, including the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad (LM & M), which offers rides a museum railway. At the old station and the Lebanon Countryside Trail, a trail, which leads through the Turtle Creek over several bridges and has a connection to the Little Miami Scenic Trail begins.

The city leads a symphony orchestra and a choir, rather uncommon in cities of this size.


Famous people from Lebanon (Ohio ) are:

  • Milton Brown (1804-1883), American politician
  • Richard S. Canby (1808-1895), politician
  • John M. Chivington (1821-1894), Officer
  • Charles Clark (1810-1877), General, Governor of the State of Mississippi
  • Franklin Corwin (1818-1879), politician
  • Charles Cretors (1852-1934), inventor of the Popcorn Machine (1885 )
  • Anthony F. Ittner (1837-1931), politician
  • Bruce Edwards Ivins (1946-2008), microbiologist, immunologist and researcher for Biological Weapons
  • Jill Jones (born 1962 ), singer, accompanying singer and songwriter
  • Jeremiah M. Wilson (1828-1901), politician