Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Lecture Notes in Computer Science ( LNCS ) is a series of books from the computer science, which since 1973 by Springer Science Business Media (formerly Springer -Verlag) will be issued.

It contains research results of computer science, mostly as conference proceedings, and monographs. There are also recently tutorials, surveys, and other topics in computer science. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence ( LNAI ) and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics ( LNBI ) are two sub-series of LNCS. The editors of LNCS were originally located in Heidelberg, but the bulk of the work has now been outsourced to India. By the end of 2011, more than 6,500 books have been published. A Onlineabonement the complete series costs nearly 23,000 euros per year. LNCS one of the biggest serials of computer science, together with those of ACM, IEEE and USENIX.