Ledenice ( German Ledenice ) is a municipality in České Budějovice in the Czech Republic. You more than twelve kilometers south-east of České Budějovice.


Ledenice is located on the regional road 157 that leads from České Budějovice to Borovany. Neighboring towns are Zvikov in the north, Slavošovice ( Slawoschowitz ) in the Northeast, Petro Vice in the east, Růžov ( Rosenstein ) and Borovany the southeast, Trocnov and Strážkovice ( Straschkowitz ) in the southwest, Hurka and Zborov ( Sborow ) in the west and Ohrazení ( Bohemian Baumgarten ) and Zaliny ( Salin ) in the northwest. Northwest of the Vlkovický is rybnik.


Ledenice was first mentioned in 1278 and was at that time in possession of the witigonischen branch of the family of the Lords of Krumlov. Witiko II of Krumlov was the first and the predicate " of Ledenice " (z Ledenice ). He is busy for the years 1272-1290. He was succeeded by his younger brother probably Wok of Cesky Krumlov, Ledenice, who died on 5 January 1300. Two other brothers (Johann / Henclinus of Skalitz and Budiwoj of Skalitz ) also resulted in the additional name of Ledenice, but both died also in 1300. Probably after the death of the Wok II of Cesky Krumlov, which went out of the branch of the family of the Lords of Krumlov, Ledenice came to the witigonischen branch of the family country rock. Meanwhile, family member Smil of Ledenice ( Smil z Ledenic ) was the first the suffix " of Ledenice " and died ~ 1358th Probably the Landsteiner members Ledenice before 1398 the rights of a town and its coat of arms with the five-petalled silver rose on a red background.

Beginning of the 15th century came Ledenice to the rule Wittingau which was owned by the family branch also witigonischen the Rosenbergs at the time. They gave Ledenice a number of privileges, including the right to brew beer. During the Hussite Wars the Ledenitzer festivals, which was referred to as " country rock " ( Landštejn ) was destroyed. After the death of the last Rosenberg, Peter Wok von Rosenberg in 1611 Ledenice came to the noble swan mountain, whose possessions were confiscated after the Battle of White Mountain by the Emperor.

After the abolition of patrimonial Ledenice was an independent municipality in 1849. Of economic importance was in addition to agriculture since 1830 as a joiner. 1904 Ledenice received a gas lighting, and twenty years later it was electrified.

Coat of arms

Description: In red a silver rose with golden slugs.

Local structure

The municipality consists of the villages Ledenice

  • Ledenice ( Ledenice )
  • Ohrazení ( Bohemian Baumgarten )
  • Ohrazeníčko ( German Baumgarten )
  • Růžov ( Rosenstein )
  • Zaliny ( Salin )
  • Zborov ( Sborow )


  • The early Gothic St. Lawrence Church was built before 1300 and has been demonstrated as a parish church for the year 1359. The Taufsteinbecken from the 16th century is decorated with the coat of arms of the Rosenbergs. The main altar and two side altars altars and the rococo pulpit were created in the second half of the 18th century.
  • The church tower in the baroque style was built in 1782.
  • Pillory from the second half of the 17th century


  • Ferdinand Sladek (1872-1943), writer and composer; 1920 Director of the Czech grammar school in Prague - Karlin