Lee Jackson (Bassist)

Keith Jackson Lee ( born January 8, 1943 in Newcastle upon Tyne ) is a British musician. He played with as a bass player in the band Blues Incorporated, The Nice, Jackson Heights and Refugee.

From 1967 to 1969, Jackson was as a bass player and singer with The Nice. While his stage outfit fit perfectly with tinted glasses and loose shirts in the hippy era, his singing was a weakness of the band: He recited the lyrics more than that, he took over the melody. After the dissolution of The Nice, he formed the band Jackson Heights, again sang at the Jackson and initially took over the guitar, Jackson later moved back to bass and John McBurnie rose on the guitar in the band. Overall, Jackson Heights produced four albums, all of which got good reviews, but did not sell particularly well. 1973 gave Jackson on this band and, together with Brian Davison, a companion of The Nice, and Patrick Moraz the band Refugee, but broke up again for an album, as Moraz moved to Yes. Jackson withdrew temporarily deferred from the music business.

In the 1990s, Jackson returned with a project called Blue Ginger Pig band. He had also been a short-lived reunion of The Nice.