Teaching is a municipality in the east of Lower Saxony in the district of Helmstedt. The nearest big cities are Braunschweig and Wolfsburg, bordering the teaching. Our own county town of Helmstedt is located about 30 kilometers southeast of the community.

  • 2.1 Amalgamations
  • 2.2 Postal services
  • 3.1 Council of the Municipality
  • 3.2 Mayor
  • 4.1 churches
  • 5.1 Sons and daughters of the town


Neighboring communities

Teaching is adjacent to the following cities or towns (clockwise starting from the north ): Calberlah, Wolfsburg, Konigslutter, Cremlingen, Brunswick and My.

Community structure

  • Beienrode
  • Essehof
  • Essenrode
  • Flechtorf
  • Great Brunsrode
  • Small Brunsrode
  • Teaching
  • Wendhausen



On 1 July 1972, the municipalities Beienrode, Essehof, Essenrode, Flechtorf, United Brunsrode, Small Brunsrode and Wendhausen were incorporated.

Postal services

For the development of the postal system in teaching see: postal route Brunswick- Calvörde


Council of the Municipality

The Council of the municipality of teaching is composed of 28 councilors and council women and the full-time mayor.

Conditions: Local election on September 10, 2006 September 11, 2011


The independent Klaus Westphal sat in the runoff election on September 24, 2006 with 73.8 % of the vote against Heike Meyerhof (SPD ) by and is the current mayor of teaching.


  • Castle Wendhausen
  • Holländermühle Wendhausen
  • Castle Essenrode
  • Castle Camping in Flechtorf
  • Zoo Essehof


  • Holy Cross in teaching ( evangelisch-lutherisch/Braunschweig )
  • Holy Cross Church in Flechtorf ( evangelisch-lutherisch/Braunschweig )
  • St. -Jürgen -Kirche in Beienrode ( evangelisch-lutherisch/Braunschweig )
  • Saint Dionysius the Areopagite in Wendhausen ( evangelisch-lutherisch/Braunschweig )
  • St. John's Church in Essenrode ( evangelisch-lutherisch/Hannover, 12th century )
  • St. Martin Church in Wendhausen (now a branch church of the Catholic parish in Brunswick- Querum )
  • New Apostolic Church


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Friedrich Ernst von Bülow (1736-1802), landowner and landscape director, born in Essenrode
  • Hans Graf von Bülow (1774-1825), Prussian statesman, born in Essenrode
  • Karl August von Hardenberg (1750-1822), Prussian statesman, born in Essenrode
  • August Hermann (* September 14, 1835, † May 10, 1906 in Teaching ), a physical education instructor: led, together with his colleague Konrad Koch the soccer game in Germany, and was the initiator of school sport in Germany


The station teaching ( Braunschw ) was due to the Schuntertalbahn. This route is shut down.