Leipheim is a town in the Swabian district of Günzburg.

Its motto is: " Leipheim - city on the Danube ."

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Leipheim lies in the Danube-Iller region on the southern edge of the Swabian Danube moss.

There are the districts Leipheim, Riedheim and white rings.


Leipheim was from about 1270 to 1373 procured the city survey for the site owned by the family of fonts Güß Mountain, on May 29, 1327 by Emperor Louis IV ( Louis the Bavarian) the market rights and on 17 November 1330. 1343 was the city into the possession of the Counts of Württemberg. 1453 bought the free imperial city of Ulm, the city of Count Ulrich V of Württemberg for 23,200 guilders. And so, as Ulm in 1531 officially became Protestant, also Leipheim Protestant. In 1559 started the construction of the castle Leipheim on the western edge of the city.

Near Leipheim arose in the German Peasants' War of 1525 Leipheimer bunch (about 5,000 farmers ) against the city of Ulm and was from that of the Swabian League, which was led by Ulm army, defeated. With the Imperial Diet of 1803 the city became part of Bavaria. Leipheim was one of the few possessions of the free imperial city of Ulm, which still remained after 1810 in Bavaria, as part of a territory exchange Bavaria border areas had to give to Württemberg. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, was born with the congregation of 1818, the current community.

From 1937, the flight operations began at the airbase Leipheim. Its existence and development a major influence on the city Leipheim and a large part of the northern district. On July 18, 1942 started with the Messerschmitt Me 262, the first production-ready jet aircraft in the world vom Leipheimer airfield for its maiden flight. In 2008, the airbase Leipheim was dissolved. The municipalities Leipheim, Günzburg and Bubesheim have established a special purpose association in 2010 together with the district of Günzburg and purchased the 256 -acre airfield terrain. In addition to the construction of the bypass for Leipheim a civilian re-use is planned. It should there arise 90 ha commercial space.


On January 1, 1971, until then independent municipality Riedheim was incorporated.

Population Development

On the territory of the municipality in 1910 were 1,547 ( census of 1 December 1910), 1970 5057, 1987 5132, 2000 6602 and 2008 counted 6,695 residents a year.


The city council has 20 members. Since the local elections of 2008, the seats are distributed on the following lists:

  • CSU: 11 seats
  • SPD: 3 seats
  • Independent voters Community ( UWG): 3 seats
  • Free voting bloc: 2 seats
  • Initiative Alber: 1 seat

Mayor is Christian Konrad ( CSU). He was re-elected in 2002, succeeding Gerhard Hartmann ( SPD) and 2008.

The municipal tax revenue amounted to the equivalent of € 5.66 million in 1999, which amounted to the trade tax revenues ( net) converted € 3.179 million.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms dates back to the family coat of arms showers, under whose rule the town charter was granted.


Since 1993, a partnership with the Hungarian city Fonyód Lake Balaton, which is maintained with regular visits.


List of monuments in Leipheim


Stadtkapelle Leipheim e.V.

The town band Leipheim eV was founded in 1913 and is now an integral part of many cultural events in and around Leipheim. Meanwhile, more than 40 experienced musicians and talented newcomers dominate a wide repertoire of big band sound with traditional Czech brass music, evergreens to sophisticated classics for band.

BC Leipheim e.V.

The BC Leipheim eV is the local basketball club. The club was founded on 17 March 1995. Currently the club has about 80 active and passive members. On game mode currently taking a women's, one men's and one U18 team part. As one of only two basketball clubs in the district of BC Leipheim eV is far beyond the city boundaries, point of contact for young basketball talent. The BC Leipheim has dissolved in the spring of 2008.

FG Leipheimer pile e.V.

The carnival company Leipheimer pile eV celebrated their 2007 made ​​33 years. Besides dance sports group " fonts Guard" Youth Guard, Guard children, Elferrat, Showmix and Guggamusik there are about 80 passive members, so that the club can total more than 200 members include. The FG Leipheimer pile eV is a member of the carnival association of seven Swabians, the National Association Wurttembergischer Carnival (LWK ) and the Bavarian- Swabian Carnival Association (BSF ).

VfL Leipheim 1898 e.V.

VfL Leipheim celebrated in 1998 its 100th anniversary. Currently the largest sports club in Leipheim offers its approximately 1,100 members with a broad range of activities in the departments boxing, football, handball, athletics, chess, tennis, gymnastics and volleyball. The focus of the association's activities is the popular sport.

Aerodrome Museum Leipheim e.V.

The Aerodrome Museum Leipheim eV was founded in 2005 and located since 2010 in building 361 of the former air base Leipheim with the purpose to build a museum with a permanent exhibition. Following the merger of soldiers club and Aerodrome Museum, membership has risen to about 90.

Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

The large shopping trolley manufacturers Wanzl is located here with three plants. In addition, there was an airbase since 1935, but was closed in late 2008 for cost reasons.

It was in 1998 according to official statistics in the field of Agriculture and Forestry 58, in the manufacturing industry in 1660, and in trade and transport 210 persons work at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the workplace 863 people. Social insurance contributions at town there were a total 2162nd In manufacturing, there was no, in the construction of nine companies. In addition, in 1999, there were 46 farms with an agricultural area of 1,691 ha, of which 1,271 hectares of arable land and 294 ha of permanent grassland.


Leipheim has a two-pronged breakpoint on the railway Augsburg- Ulm, which is operated by the Regional Express Line Fugger Express between Ulm and Munich, and by the trains of the agilis between Ulm and Ingolstadt and Regensburg each hourly. On weekends, the trains of the agilis run only every two hours. The station building is no longer used and is empty.


There are the following facilities (as of 1999):

  • Kindergartens: 245 kindergarten places with 235 children
  • Elementary schools: 1 with 32 teachers and 610 students
  • Branch Community College Gunzburg

Special Events

Since 1818 one finds in the place Leipheimer children's festival, which commemorates the end of the famine, which is also the city Leipheim plagued 1816/17. Reason of the famine was the eruption of Mount Tambora volcano in Indonesia in April 1815.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Christoph Pfautz (1645-1711), mathematician, astronomer, geographer and librarian