Leipzig-Plagwitz railway station

  • Leipzig -Leutzsch - Probstzella ( 10.8 km )
  • Leipzig- Plagwitz - Gaschwitz ( -0.15 km )
  • Leipzig -Leipzig - Plagwitz Miltitzer Avenue ( 0.0 km )
  • Former Leipzig- Plagwitz - Pörsten ( 0.00 km )


The station Leipzig- Plagwitz is a railway station in the district of Plagwitz of Leipzig. In operation, Jobs Directory, he bears the initials LLP. It is located on the railway line opened in 1873 Leipzig- Zeitz between the station Leipzig -Leutzsch and the breakpoint Leipzig- Großzschocher.


The station was opened on 20 October 1873 as Zeitz station of the Prussian state railways. After the incorporation of Plagwitz to Leipzig in 1891, he received the name Plagwitz - Lindenau. The station area was about 550 meters long and 80 meters wide, there were 14 switches. The 46 -meter-long railway station building of red brick had also a restaurant service and waiting rooms. In addition to the reception building there was a 25 meter long freight shed.

The Leipzig industry pioneer Carl Heine was based on a siding Treaty of Zeitz station put out a total of 37 industry connections and build three public charging points. On September 1, 1879 Plagwitz was connected with the commissioning of Gasch witzer Railroad also to the Royal Saxon railway network. Due to the Saxon- Prussian railway war originated in Plagwitz, as in Leipzig Central Station, meticulously separate networks of the Prussian state railways and the Royal Saxon State Railways. The Saxon State Railways built opposite the train station Zeitz a large freight yard and a small reception building for passenger traffic. 1899 was Plagwitz - Lindenau with an annual turnover of 739 665 tons of the largest freight depot in Leipzig.

After the founding of the Deutsche Reichsbahn in 1920, the Prussian and Saxon station were combined and adjusted the passenger in the Saxon railway station. Opened on September 1, 1879 Saxon station Plagwitz - Lindenau was from 1 July 1911 to October 1920 the name Plagwitz - Lindenau Saxon State Railway Station and until 1922 the name Plagwitz - Lindenau Industry Station. Since June 1, 1922 means the former Prussian station Leipzig- Plagwitz and the former Saxon part Leipzig- Plagwitz Industry Station.

Since 1969, the station is also Plagwitz breakpoint of the Leipzig S -Bahn, S-Bahn today central Germany.


During the construction of the Leipzig City Tunnel and the construction of the new network, the S -Bahn central Germany, the station was moved to the north and built at the underpass Karl- Heine-Straße two new side platforms. The new track route now leads two tracks through the station and branches south of it to the path to Zeitz and after Grunau. Since the end of 2011, the station is controlled by an electronic interlocking ( CBI -A).

The track system has been completely realigned and led by the former goods station, which is converted into an urban green space with air swing, water shower and climbing rock in the course of the renovation measures. The cost of producing the green corridor are approximately 600,000 Euros and are worn to two -thirds by the European Regional Development Fund. The former Prussian locomotive shed in the south of the site is now home to the Railway Museum Bayerischer Bahnhof Leipzig.

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