Leipziger Land

The Leipzig country was from 1994 until the district reform in Saxony on 1 August 2008 a district in the northwest of the Free State of Saxony. The county bordered on the north by the county of Delitzsch and the city of Leipzig, on the east by the Muldentalkreis, on the southeast by the Mittweida, to the south by the Thuringian district Altenburger Land, and to the west of Saxony -Anhalt belonging circles castle district and Saalekreis. The area of the district coincided with the " Leipzig New Lakeland " so-called.


The area of ​​the district was in the Leipzig lowlands. Geographically, the area is also known as Leipziger Land. Through the circle flowed the White Elster and splices. The recreational facilities of the reclaimed opencast lignite mines of the Leipzig Südraumes were marketed under the name Leipzig New.


The county was created in 1994 by merging the circuits Leipzig- country, Borna and Geithain.

On January 1, 1999, several municipalities of the former district of Leipzig were incorporated into the city of Leipzig, at the same time the cities Schkeuditz and diving came to the district of Delitzsch and the community Borsdorf together with the eingemeindeten Panitzsch in the Muldentalkreis. The seat of the county government, which until then in the city of Leipzig itself - not in the district Leipziger Land - was, was moved to Borna. Nevertheless, the city of Leipzig and the district Leipziger Land continue to use the same distinctive character L for registered within their territories vehicles. The proposals MKL and BNA for the largest cities in Markham and Borna met with little favor at each other, the rejection Geithains would in any case certainly. Even NSL for Neuseenland was proposed and rejected.

On 1 January 2000, the district also lost yet most of the Commune Bienitz, the sub-areas of Schkeuditz (district of Delitzsch) and Leipzig gave.

On 1 August 2008 the district formed Leipziger Land, together with the previous Muldentalkreis the neugegründenden district of Leipzig.

Cities and Towns

2008 vermeldeten Markham and Zwenkau bucking the trend in Saxony rising population figures.

( Population figures from December 31, 2006)


Management Communities

  • Administration Community Frohnburg with the member communities Frohnburg and Eulatal
  • Administration Community Geithain with the member communities Geithain and Narsdorf
  • Administration Community Pegau with the member communities Elstertrebnitz, fawns and Pegau
  • Administration Community Wyke Regis with the member communities Deutzen and Wyke Regis
  • Administration Community Rötha with the member communities aspen grove and Rötha



The county was facing the street opened up by the A 38, which was completed as a southern bypass Leipzig 2005/2006. It connected at the same time the motorways A 9 and A 14 in the north-south direction, the Federal Road was 95, the main artery, which was partly widened to four lanes.

Railway side, opened up the railway line Leipzig - Probstzella, the railway line Leipzig -Hof and the branching therefrom railway Neukieritzsch - Chemnitz the county.


The last district administrator of the district was 2001-2008 Petra Köpping (SPD).


The 62 seats in the last council distributed as follows: