Leixlip (pronounced [li ː kslɪp ] or [li ː slɪp ]; Irish: Léim to Bhradáin, both German " salmon leap" ) is a city in north-east County Kildare to the east of the Republic of Ireland. Leixlip is located about 17 kilometers west of the Irish capital Dublin. The city's name dates back to the Norse Lax Hlaup (salmon jump).


On the border between Leixlip and Celbridge is The Wonderful Barn, a corkscrew- shaped tower building whose purpose is unclear (partly a dovecote, a Folly, or a granary is suspected ). But it is certain that the construction brought a certain part of the native population in bread and work, which was a welcome relief in the then ruling Great Famine.

1755 Arthur Guinness established his first brewery in 1759 but migrated to Dublin.

A special natural spectacle was the so-called Salmon 's Leap (salmon jump), a five-meter high waterfall, after whom the city was named. The waterfall was destroyed by the construction of a hydropower plant.

The city is today known as the site of Intel and Hewlett Packard Company.


Leixlip is connected to the regional transport of the Irish railway network (lines Dublin - Sligo) connected since 1848. In addition, to the south of the city there is a small airport ( Weston Airport ), the particular handles the business.

Furthermore, Leixlip is on the route network from Dublin bus ( lines 66, 66a, 66b, 66n and 66X ) and the Commuter ( S -Bahn -like transport system of Iarnród Éireann ) line train Dublin - Maynooth connected.

The M4 motorway runs south of the city, from the south-west of Maynooth Coming (exit 6 ) until (5 exit) merges seamlessly in the southeast in the N4 road.

Personalities related to Leixlip

  • Lily Allen went to school in Leixlip.
  • Leland Bardwell, writer ( born in India )
  • The band Blood or Whiskey comes from Leixlip.
  • Emma Byrne Irish football player, goalkeeper for Arsenal and the Irish national team.


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  • Location in Ireland
  • County Kildare