Leizen is a municipality in the western part of the Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. It is administered by the Office Robel -Müritz based in the city Robel / Müritz.

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The community Leizen in the Mecklenburg Lake District is located in a hilly, forest and lakes area, which with the Dusterholzberg maximum of 120.5 m above sea level. NHN achieved. Between the Great Lakes Müritz and Plau lie in the municipality Leizens several smaller lakes, the Tangahnsee, the Small Kreßinsee, Minzower the lake and the Steinfortsee. The city Robel / Müritz is about eight kilometers away.



Woldzegarten was incorporated on January 1, 1974. Minzow heard since 13 June 2004 Leizen.


The former Slavic Rundling Leizen first appeared in 1298 on at the local church history. In the Middle Ages there was already a motte, and later a castle was built in the vicinity. From the 14th century until well into the 18th century was Leizen along with other villages in the area owned by the family of Knuth and came in 1750 with the surrounding lands to the senior administrator Ernst Friedrich von Gundlach. The place was marked purely agricultural to the present day. In 1996, the Industrial and Commercial Park South Mecklenburg was opened.


The district is also Minzow Slavic origin. The gentlemen of Belov had in the 15th century in the farming village several hooves. After the construction of a church in 1862 Minzow became an independent parish. Minzow was until the merger with Leizen 2004 a separate municipality.


The district Woldzegarten was from the 15th to the 20th century manor house owned by the family von Flotow. After the expulsion of the owner and the manager in 1945 various community facilities were housed in the manor house. After the turn of the estate fell into disrepair, but was extensively renovated in the late 1990s. The manor house is now used as a hotel, the large farm building as a cultural barn.

Economy and infrastructure

In traditional rural countryside of the community have since the 1990s in the industrial park South Mecklenburg, which lies just off the motorway, located several services and craft shops.

On the Dusterholzberg at Woldzegarten is the transmission tower of the station Robel - Woldzegarten.

Transport links

Leizen is conveniently located at the intersection of State Road 198 to the federal motorway 19 (Berlin- Rostock), which forms the motorway junction Robel. The nearest train stations are in Malchow and Ganzlin.


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  • The village church of Leizen is a rectangular stone building from the 13th century, the walls were partly rebuilt in the 18th century with bricks. A verbretterter square tower with a high and pointed octagonal helmet is fitted in the style of a ridge turret on the roof. Among the significant features of the church include the objects carved in 1500, and a Knuth - grave stone of 1370th manor house
  • The built in 1898 in the early days Leizener style mansion now serves as a hotel, the former memory of the estate today is used, inter alia, of the volunteer fire department.
  • Also the farm in the district of Woldzegarten is now converted into a hotel. The large memory of the estate serves as a cultural Barn among other things, various cultural purposes.
  • The village church Minzow was built in place of the burnt farmhouse.
  • Megalithic tombs near the village of Woldzegarten
  • Kroneiche Minzow with a circumference of about ten meters and an estimated age of 400-600 years

Manor Woldzegarten

Kulturscheune Woldzegarten

Village church Minzow