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Pulau Lembata, also known as Pulau Lomblen, is the largest island of the Solor Archipelago, which belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands, in turn, (Indonesia). The archipelago is part of the province of East Nusa Tenggara. The northeast-southwest extension of the island is about 80 km east- west extension of about 30 km. On Lembata the rare Ile Ape language is spoken.

Around the island

West of Lembata are the other islands of the archipelago, including Solor and Adonara and further west Flores. To the east of the island is the Strait of Alor, which separates the Alor Archipelago from the Archipelago. In the south, on the other side of the Savu Sea lies the island of Timor and in the north is the western Banda Sea, which separates the island of Buton and the other islands of Southeast Sulawesi.


The capital Lewoleba (also Labala ), which has the only major port, is located in the west of the island on a large bay in the vicinity of the village in the north Ilê Ape. Ships regularly commute between the coastal towns and the neighboring islands. So there are daily boat to Larantuka, Flores and Waiwerang on the island Adonara.

As with the other small Sunda islands are also volcanoes Lembatas, the Ililabalekan, the Iliwerung and Lewotolo active.

From Lewoleba on a footpath through the center of the island by boat or the 2500 inhabitants counting village Lamalera on the south coast can be reached. Together with Lamakera Solor, it is the only place in the region, which in the traditional whaling with small boats. With harpoons few sperm whales, sharks and dolphins next to be hunted each season.

A road leads from Lewoleba after Belauring, a small harbor with ferries connecting to Alor.


The Portuguese were the first Europeans in the region in the 16th century. But Lembata they visited rarely. The population was down to the inhabitants of a village Muslim followers of animism. The island then exported food, beeswax, tortoise shells, products from whales and slaves.