Lembruch is a municipality in the district of Diepholz in Lower Saxony ( Germany ).

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Geographical Location

Lembruch is nationally recognized resort and is located in the nature park Dumber Dumber directly at between Osnabrück and Bremen. The municipality is part of the velvet municipality of Old Lemfoerde Office, which has its administrative headquarters in the spots Lemfoerde.


In the 13th century was in Lembruch a southern border castle of the noble lords of Diepholz until it was moved in the course of the extension of the rule after Lemfoerde. For construction of the castle Lemfoerde material no longer needed castle Lembruch ( " Castrum Lewenbrock " ) should have been used. Even in 1305 the castle Lembruch is called. Later, all the remains of the castle are gone.


Parish council

The municipal council of Lembruch consists of 11 council women and councilors.

  • Wählergemeinschaft 11 seats

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)


Culture and sights


In 2003, the Dumber Museum was reopened. It shows multimedia permanent exhibitions on the themes of " land development ", " animal and plant world" and " Stone Age settlements ."

Art in Public Space

  • In the local picture of Lembruch there are two art objects by sculptor Karl -Heinz Friedrich, who have found their place in front of the Sparkasse: Otter in bronze.

Regular events

Every year on the last weekend in August, the big event The Dumber burns instead. Saturday night the big brilliant fireworks is directly across the lake.

The local carnival club participates once a year at the Dammer carnival rides.

Economy and infrastructure

In the early 1950s began the great tourism boom after the completion of the dike construction work ( 1952). Already in 1948 were at the Grawiedemündung the distinctive thatched " tower with the clock " and a large boat dock. In 1957 the construction of the large gable roof house " hotel beach Lust" in a region related to the " homeland security " style, which is at least recognizable despite many tags still today. The old harbor was in 1966 a crane and in 1974 equipped with a sheet pile wall. Meanwhile, however, is the boat harbor " lake " (opposite the sailing school) significantly greater. Economically, the most important because of the Dümmer of tourism, but also a shipyard and a fish Großräucherei be mentioned.


East passes close by the federal highway 51, Diepholz - Osnabrück. On Lembruch station on the railway line Osnabrück - Diepholz - Bremen, who has distinguished himself by a convenient location to the recreation area Dümmersee, lasted until the early 1980s, scheduled passenger trains. The station is a pure operating station today.