Lend, Austria

  • SPÖ: 9
  • ÖVP: 4

Lend is a municipality with 1394 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the south of Salzburg in Zell am See.

  • 2.1 Population development


Lend is the bottom belonging to the Pinzgau community on the Salzach. It lies mainly on the south bank of the. In the north, largely forms the Salzach the municipal boundary. In the south it extends to the Bernkogel ( 2325 m). In the West, Rauris Ache forms the border, which forces its way through the narrows of the Kitzlochklamm. On the eastern edge of the site the guest Ache flows into the Salzach. By the end of 2002, the village belonged to the district court Taxenbach, since 2003 she has been part of the judicial district of Zell am See.

Community structure

The municipal area covers seven villages (in brackets population as at 31 October 2011):

  • Mountain (163 )
  • Embach (271 )
  • Heuberg (93 )
  • Lend ( 687 )
  • Teufenbach (28 )
  • Arable (101 )
  • Winkl (68 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral Embach and Lend.

  • In the West: Rauris
  • In the North: Tendered
  • In the East: Goldegg im Pongau, Sankt Veit im Pongau andSchwarzach
  • In the South: Village Gastein and Rauris




The municipal council has 13 members of Lend and is calculated as follows for the local council elections in 2009 together:

  • 9 SPÖ
  • 4 ÖVP

Directly elected mayor is Peter Eder ( SPÖ).

Coat of arms

Blazon of the municipal coat of arms: In a silver by a body of water ( ford ) border of red deer.

Culture and sights

  • Parish Church of St. Lawrence on a hill
  • Pilgrimage chapel Maria Elend in Winkl originating Chapel somewhat below
  • Mount of Olives Chapel at the foot of Maria misery to Embach
  • Gasthaus top host in the core of the 18th century, with barns and mill
  • Parish Church of St. Rupert on a site level
  • Arzhof Chapel on the main road Lend - Taxenbach
  • Verwesschloss Lend, former residential and official residence of the Archbishop of Mining and Metallurgy Manager
  • Gasthaus Handl host in the core of the 17th century


  • Eisschützenverein Lend
  • Wiesmann'sche fishermen's association
  • Eisschützenverein Embach
  • Ski Club Embach
  • SV Lend (tennis )
  • Turnverein Lend
  • Alpine Club section Lend - Tendered
  • Trachtenmusikkapelle Embach
  • Local and factory band Lend


  • Salzburger Aluminium AG ( SAG)
  • Heinrichbau GmbH
  • Raiffeisen Bank Embach
  • Autohaus Reisinger
  • Transport Earthmoving gravel Gruber
  • Joinery Plaikner

From the station you can see the facilities, the Salzburger Aluminium AG, on whose grounds also house the power plant gorge stone is a high-pressure water power plant, which uses the host Ache. This can be seen also on the laid without pressure pipeline. The headrace, the guest Ache shall be taken at the castle gorge stone and drives at a gradient of 163 m at three Francis turbines with a total of 21 MW in the power house. The power plant is located on the premises of SAG Lend. SAG has in addition also still on the plant Kitzloch in Rauris.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hans Katschthaler (1933-2012), Governor of Salzburg
  • O. P. ornamental in 1954, Austrian writer