Lene Lovich

Lene Lovich (born 30 March 1949 in Detroit, Michigan, civil Lili- Marlene Premilovich ) is an American singer. Her father was a Serb, her mother English. Lene Lovich not only sings, but also plays on many of their recordings and saxophone.

Life and career

At age 13, Lene Lovich came to the UK and lived in Hull. In 1968 she moved to London. She worked on the balance at the art school when she went into show business: Street musician, go-go dancer, actress. She sang for The Diversions and Cerrone and met in November 1977 the influential BBC DJ Charlie Gillett. The sponsored their first recording session, I Think We're Alone Now, leaving the finished piece of music Stiff Records. This took Lena's career take its course. After I Think We're Alone Now Stiff published in early 1979, the single Lucky Number, and Lene had a hit # 3 on the British charts.

Several hit singles followed. Lene should play in the film Breaking Glass the role Hazel O'Connor ultimately helped to fame; their record company, however, insisted that they - rather than film - on a world tour promoting in their records. Your Hit Parade placements seemed to give the management right. But Lena was all too much, and she took a break of 18 months. Tom Verlaine succeeded then, to inspire them again for the music; she sang on his album Words from the front.

1979 Lene played on the side of Herman Brood Nina Hagen in the legendary film Cha- Cha with. During this time, one of your most famous songs Home, which was released as a B- side of the single Lucky Number arose.

It is also known Lene's commitment to the rights of animals. Together with Nina Hagen wrote and sang against animal testing in 1986 the song Do not Kill the Animals, which was released as a single. The song was released in 1987 with songs by The Smiths, U2 and others on a charity compilation in favor of PETA.

In 1989, after a multi-year break, she recorded the album March. The break came because of their retreat into being in the family. The album was moderately successful, and was, to the general astonishment, published only a year after the first advance single Wonderland, which became in American clubs to a Dancehit.

In 2005, a musical comeback announced. Lovich sang on the CD Take Me to Your Leader Hawkwind and accompanied them on a subsequent tour.

Lovichs first album since March, Shadows and Dust, was published on 13 September 2005 Mike Thorne 's Stereo Society label. On the Drop Dead Festival 2006 she entered first time in years on with her full band.

In autumn 2007, released their first live DVD, Lene Lovich: Live from New York, on a concert at the famous Studio 54 can be seen in 1981.

Lene Lovich remained in the course of her artistic career faithful to their style. To date, she has worked with Les Chapell.



  • Stateless (1978 ) # 35 UK
  • Flex ( 1979) # 19 UK, # 39 DE
  • 1980 Global Assault - Recorded Live in London and Boston (1980, only a few promo LPs were manufactured )
  • No Man's Land (1982 )
  • March ( 1989)
  • Shadows and Dust ( 2005)


  • The Best of Lene Lovich (1997)
  • The Very Best Of ( 1997)
  • The Stiff Years - Vol I II ( 1999)
  • Lucky Number - The Best Of ( 2004)


Guest appearances, collaborations

  • The Residents - Commercial Album ( 1980)
  • Peter Hammill - The Fall Of The House Of Usher (1991 )
  • Latz - Twinning (2002)
  • Mr Averell - Gridlock (2013 )


  • Lene Lovich: Live from New York ( 2007)