Lenfilm (Russian Ленфильм ) is one of the largest film production companies of Russia, which emerged from the oldest film studio in the country. It has its headquarters in St. Petersburg.


Today Lenfilm emerged from a film factory, which was founded in 1908 by engineer Vladislav Karpinski. They first called Omnium cinema, specializing in chronicles and documents.

After the October Revolution of 1917, the company was nationalized and was for some years the name Sewsapkino. In the 1920s, the film studio produced under different names. In the credits of that film you can see this studio at the name: Kinosewer (translated as: "North Cinema " ), Goskino ( " National Cinema " ), Leningrad cinema, Sowkino ( " Sow [ jetisches ] cinema " ), Sojuskino ( " Union [s ] kino " ), Rosfilm ( " Rus [ sischer ] Movie " ) or Sojusfilm ( " Union [ s] film " ) - in that order. Since 1934, the studio finally called Lenfilm, the first three letters of Leningrad were derived, the name of St. Petersburg in the years 1924-1991. Also since 1934 until today, the equestrian statue of Peter the Great is in Saint Petersburg The Bronze Horseman (Russian Медный всадник / Medny wsadnik ) by the French sculptor Etienne Maurice Falconet, the distinctive mark of Lenfilm.

There, a series of famous directors worked, including Sergei Eisenstein, Sergei Gerasimov and Vladimir Menshov. Lenfilm developed continuously from the beginning to one of the leading Soviet, later Russian, film studios and produced so far a total of around 1,500 movies.

On 28 August 2007, Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Telnow (* 1958) Director General of Lenfilm. He was from 1998 to 2007 director of the St. Petersburg studios for documentaries.