Lengede is a place in Lower Saxony in the southeast of the district Peine. The municipality consists of the nucleus and the Lengede 1972 incorporated villages Barbecke, Broistedt, Small Lafferde and Woltwiesche. A total of 13,030 people live in the community. The town was known in 1963 through the mine disaster in Dark Places around the world.

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Community structure

The municipality consists of Barbecke, Broistedt, Small Lafferde, Lengede and Woltwiesche.

Geographical Location

The town is located 18 km south-west of Brunswick and nearly 44 km southeast of Hanover. Up to the city of Peine in the north is about 18 km. The river flows through Fuhse Lengede.

Neighboring communities


In the village belonging to Lengede Broistedt the Brunswick patrician family Broistedt had proven from 1330 held a Lehnshof. It was dissolved in 1838 with the abolition of feudal burdens. As the oldest representative of the family Arnolt Broistedt is known, was born about 1280.


The Evangelical Lutheran churches in Lengede and small Lafferde belong to the region south-east of the church district of Peine ( Church of Hanover ), while the churches in Barbecke, Broistedt and Woltwiesche belong to the provost Salzgitter Lebenstedt ( Church in Brunswick ).

In Lengede is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary, named after Mary ( mother of Jesus). It was 1961/62 built on the corner lot in Fuhsetal / Broistedter road. On October 29, 1961, the foundation stone was laid, and it was consecrated by Bishop Heinrich Pachowiak on 23 December 1962. Since 1 September 2008, the church belongs to the parish of St. Bernward in United Ilsede. In Woltwiesche was from 1941 to 1994, the last of the church community of St. Mary's chapel belonging to Christ the King, it was located in a former dairy Woltwiesche - Barbecke.

The Church of the New Apostolic congregation Lengede - Broistedt located in Broistedt, Danzigstraße 1 It belongs to the church district of Braunschweig.


On 1 July 1972, the municipalities Barbecke, Broistedt, Small Lafferde and Woltwiesche were incorporated, which belonged to the district of Wolfenbüttel with the exception of small Lafferde before.

Population Development

With the exception of 1973 to 1978, the population has risen steadily since 1968. This fall has been more evenly and with about 42 % more than in the entire district of Peine with about 12%.

The population of 1961 is the result of the census on 6 June.


Parish council

The Council of the Municipality Council Lengede consists of thirty women and councilors.


Hans -Hermann Baas (SPD ) from Lengede - Woltwiesche since 1986 Mayor in Dark Places.

Culture and sights


The nature reserve converted former mining areas and the recreation park cable car mountain offer good opportunities for the observation of rare water birds.

Light in Dark Places

International reputation and attained the place in the fall of 1963 through the mine disaster in Dark Places. On October 24, 129 miners were caught in the bay Mathilde at failure of an above ground mining Clarifies eich of 500,000 cubic meters of water. 86 miners were saved on the same day. For the remaining 43, a rescue did not seem possible. After eight days, three other miners were rescued. The Light in Dark Places referred to the finding of still living mate in 60 meters depth on 3 November. Only four more days kept the eleven men from underground before they could be rescued with a Dahlbusch bomb. For 29 buddy there was no salvation.

The event was twice " The Light in Dark Places " filmed with the title, 1969 ( movie 1969 ) directed by Rudolf Jugert and 2003 ( 2003 film ) directed by Kaspar Heidelbach. In addition, in 2003 the WDR produced directed by Frank guarantor the documentary " The drama in Dark Places, minutes of a disaster."


Numerous recreational activities are offered in Lengede: Sports and tennis courts, gymnasiums, multi-purpose building and an outdoor pool. Also a new mountain bike trail is created by young people of the community in 2009.


  • "Swine Checkout " = pig Versicherungsverein a G. Lengede ( mutual )
  • Fishing club
  • Bergmann club
  • German Amateur Radio Club eV, the local association Lengede
  • Kaninchenzuchtverein
  • Children's Lobby in Lengede e V.
  • Glee club
  • Music group Red-White
  • Allotment gardeners association
  • Sports club Lengede eV
  • Pigeon breeding club " love of country "
  • Turner Bund eV

Economy and infrastructure


To achieve Lengede is via the federal highway 39 Braunschweig -Salzgitter Salzgitter departure Lebenstedt -Nord. On the railway line Hildesheim - Braunschweig are the breakpoints Lengede - Broistedt and Lengede - Woltwiesche.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Eduard Georg Schröter (1811-1888), theologian
  • Wilhelm Schmidt ( * 1944 in Barbecke ), SPD politician