Lenine, Crimea

Lenine (Ukrainian Леніне, Russian Ленино / Lenino, Crimean Tatar Yedi Kuyu ) is an urban-type settlement in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea with about 8200 inhabitants ( 2013).

It is located on the Kerch peninsula, 156 kilometers northeast of Simferopol around center of the island to a railway station and is the administrative center of Rajons Lenine.


The settlement arose in the course of construction of the railway line from Dschankoj to Kerch ( branch line of the railway Kursk -Kharkiv - Sevastopol ) end of the 19th century and was called to 1957 Sem Kolodesei / Sim Kolodjasiw ( Семь Колодезей / Сім Колодязів - means as well as the Crimean Tatar name to German " Seven Springs " ) and was then renamed as part of the appointment to an urban-type settlement in the function of the Rajonszentrums Rajons Lenine.


Source: 1959-1989; 2001-2013


Lenine is the administrative center of the square with an area of ​​2919 km biggest Rajons the Crimea. The Raion Lenine has about 63,000 inhabitants and population density of 29 inhabitants per km ². It is located in the east of the Crimean peninsula and forms the largest part of the Kerch Peninsula.