Leo IV the Khazar

Leo IV (* 749 or 750; September 8780), due to the origin of his mother called the Chasare (Greek Leon o Chazaros Λέων ὁ Χάζαρος ), was Byzantine Emperor from 775 of the Syrian dynasty.

Leo succeeds his father Constantine V. 776 he made his young son Constantine (later Constantine VI. ) As co-emperor and suppressed a rebellion that broke loose his five step-brothers on this occasion.

Like his father and his grandfather Leo III. was Leo IV in the fight against the Arabs ( whom he inflicted a severe defeat 778 ) and Bulgarians successfully. However, unlike those two he was in religious matters ikonodul ( pictures friendly ) set (see Iconoclasm ). However, recent research emphasizes anyway that the pictures friendly sources, the reign and the religious policy of Leo III. and Constantine V. describe highly distorted. Leo IV sat in any case in February 780 again a friendly Patriarch of Constantinople Opel pictures.

During his reign, Leo is said to have been under the strong influence of his wife, Irene. In the earlier research on his moderate religious policy was returned, but this is now considered more skeptical. When Leo in any case in September 780 died unexpectedly, he had Irene as regent for their son and Leo's successor Constantine VI. back.