Leo Wright

Leo Nash Wright ( born December 14, 1933, Wichita Falls, Texas; † 4 January 1991 in Vienna subway station Josefstädterstraße / Town Hall ) was American jazz musicians (woodwind).

Life and work

After studying at the San Francisco State University and John Hardee had Leo Wright first jobs Saunders King, Dave Pike and Charles Mingus. Dizzy Gillespie took a wide range of brass, of the alto saxophone, clarinet and flute all the same great grasp for two years from 1959 to 1961 in his quintet. In 1963 he worked on the album Soul Sisters with the organist Gloria Coleman. With Gillespie's big band he toured in Europe. Here he was after his move to the sought-after session musician and big band. Berlin was his home - and especially the Blue Note Club. The commercial Jobs at Paul Kuhn in the SFB Big Band, as well as guest appearances on tours of American colleagues ensured him a livelihood for the family and the recognition among colleagues. He returned for recordings frequently returned to the USA and played with Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy Witherspoon, Lalo Schifrin Orchestra and the United States.

He can also be heard on the 1968 produced by Joachim Ernst Berendt " Alto Summit" with Phil Woods, Lee Konitz and Pony Poindexter.

In 1975 he married in Berlin, the Vienna Boys and dancer Petronella Vasicek, with which he moved in the 1980s to the Danube. As Elly Wright is his widow still active as a jazz singer and educator and is acquired by Leo knowledge of "Swing and time and all that Jazz" tirelessly to the younger generation.


  • Shout Blues Atlantic LP ( SD) 1358 ( published as CD)
  • Suddenly the Blues Atlantic LP ( SD) 1393 ( published as CD)
  • Soul Talk Vortex 2011
  • Alto Summit ( with Lee Konitz, Phil Woods, Pony Poindexter, Steve Kuhn, Palle Danielsson and Jon Christensen ) (MPS, also known as CD published )
  • Flute Alt sax = Leo Wright Amiga (DDR ) 855 056
  • It's all Wright BASF ( D) 20.21375-7


  • Memories of Leo Wright at Jazzland Vienna
  • Jazz saxophonist
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  • American musician
  • Born in 1933
  • Died in 1991
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