Leonberg station

  • Black Forest Railway ( KBS 790.6 )


Leonberg Train Station is located at kilometer 13.4 of the Württemberg Black Forest Railway and is a station in the network of the Stuttgart S-Bahn.

  • 2.1 S -Bahn


Planning and construction

Since 1840 reversed a horse-drawn omnibus between Leonberg and Stuttgart. However, he could carry a maximum of twelve people and drove the route only two to three times a week.

1863 called for the representatives of the top offices and Calw Nagold for their districts a connection to the railway network. Christian Maier, chief official of the Oberamts Leonberg, agreed and suggested a route of about Leonberg and Weil der Stadt. But the chief official Böblingen wanted to benefit from the new transport and Böblinger MPs Otto Elves presented to Parliament his plans for a series on Böblingen. The upper office men from the Black Forest distanced themselves from the discussion. Whether on Leonberg or Böblingen seemed secondary for them. In parliament were to long debates. The deputy from Leonberg had to give Parliament an assurance that the Oberamt Leonberg is more important in agriculture and trade. Whether he succeeded or the deputies finally opted for the less expensive proposal is questionable.

By a narrow majority of the parliament decided on 13 August 1865, the variant by the Strohgäu and thus secured Leonberg connectivity.

The construction of the Black Forest Railway drew on longer than expected. Especially in the section between Ditzingen and Leonberg larger earthworks were necessary. The station was established west of Leonberg to the district border to Eltingen. For the official city, the state railway built a more representative reception building, as usual on the track. It consisted of a three-storey front building with a single storey extension. The end of the cultivation was decorated with a polygonal section of the building.

Business development

On 1 December 1869, the Royal Württemberg State Railways took over the route part Ditzingen - Weil der Stadt in operation. In the following years, the population of the city increased only very moderately. On the small district was barely room for an emerging industry settlement. The Black Forest Railway lost after the completion of Gäubahn important.

Since September 30, 1932 the Black Forest Railway has on the Ditzingen -Leonberg section on a second main track. The electrification between Zuffenhausen and Leonberg, and thus the connection to an improved transport services, made ​​on May 15, 1939.

As modernization measure, the German Federal Railroad tore off the historic station building in 1967 and consecrated on 22 January 1969, a new single-storey flat roof. On 1 October 1978, the S- Bahn line S 6, from Stuttgart Schwab road to Weil der Stadt, the existing electric commuter trains broke off.

Railway operation

The station serves the Stuttgart S- Bahn lines S 6 and S 60 on track 1, the main platform, keep the S-Bahn direction Zuffenhausen / Stuttgart, Track 2, the direction Renningen. Platform 3 is used by a part of the in Leonberg ending or beginning trips. Track 4 (without platform ) is no longer busy.

Leonberg Train Station corresponds, according to the Deutsche Bahn AG, the train station category 4

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