Leonid Andreyev

Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev (Russian Леонид Николаевич Андреев; * 9 Augustjul / August 21 1871greg in Oryol, .. † September 12, 1919 in Mustamäki, Finland, today Russia) was a Russian writer.

Andreyev worked, after studying law for a short time as a lawyer in Moscow, and later as a journalist, court reporter and columnist. Like the majority of the Russian intelligentsia, he also sympathized with the Revolution of 1905, after the break, however, he turned to the conservative forces.

This development, and of his wife's death led to a pessimistic at Andreyev, irrational attitude that was reinforced by the influence of Schopenhauer, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky. His first realistic and expressionistic storytelling darkened increasingly, he was always sarcastic resigned.

His most famous play " Up to the Stars" (K swjosdam ) completed Andreyev 1905. Maxim Gorki This drama developed after initial cooperation under the title " Children of the Sun " later on alone.

After the 1917 revolution Andreyev emigrated with temporary stays in Germany and France to Finland, where he died in 1919, only 48 years old at his country estate.

His son Daniil Leonidovich Andreyev was also a writer.

Works (selection)

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