Leonid Krasin

Leonid Borisovich Krasin (Russian Леонид Борисович Красин; * 3 Julijul / July 15 1870greg in Kurgan, .. † November 24, 1926 in London) was a Russian revolutionary and former comrade of Stalin and Lenin.


1908 Krasin emigrated to Germany, where he first worked for the Siemens - Schuckert in Berlin. He later rose to become deputy director of the Russian Siemens - Schuckert AG. Shortly before the beginning of World War I to him the management of the Russian Siemens branches was then transferred.

After the October Revolution of 1917 was Krasin from November 1918 to the People's Commissar for Trade and Industry, then People's Commissar for Foreign Trade until 1923. Included in this was his leadership of the Soviet trade mission in London ( 1921-23 ). He was ambassador to Paris in 1924 and London in 1925. During the embalming of Lenin, he oversaw the work of the physician and chemist, and ordered the construction of a mausoleum in order.

After Krasin was a Soviet icebreaker Krasin the named, which he before, thanks to his diplomatic skills, was able to buy back in 1921 by the British government.

After the death Krassin his urn at the Kremlin wall in Moscow was buried.


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