Leonid Popov

  • Soyuz 40 (1981 )
  • T-7/Sojus Soyuz T -5 ( 1982)

Leonid Ivanovich Popov (Russian Леонид Иванович Попов, scientific transliteration Leonid Ivanovich Popov, born August 31, 1945 in Olexandrija, Kirovohrad Oblast, Ukrainian SSR ) is a pilot and former Soviet cosmonaut of Ukrainian nationality.

Spaceman activity

After Leonid Popov 1968 attended the Higher Military Aviator Pilot School in Chernigov, he was selected by the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center on 27 April 1970 as a cosmonaut. After his cosmonaut basic training he attended the Military Academy of the Air Force in Monino, which he left after successful completion in 1976. Popov was substitute for the missions Soyuz 22 (1976 ), and Soyuz 32 (1979 ), before he became commander of the fourth resident crew of Salyut 6 came in 1980 with Soyuz 35 for the first time used. After nearly 185 days of stay, the pilot returned along with Flight Engineer Valery Rjumin with Soyuz 37 returns to Earth. His second flight into space led Popov as commander of the eleventh visiting team of Salyut 6 1981 Soyuz 40 as the shuttle spaceship through. For the last time, the pilot flew on Soyuz T-7 as commander of the second visiting team the space station Salyut 7; the return was made with Soyuz T- 5th On June 13, 1987 Leonid Popov retired from the cosmonaut corps.

Military career

Popov visited the Military Academy of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces " KJ Voroshilov " in Moscow, where he graduated in 1989. Shortly thereafter, the pilot was 1989 Head of the 4th Department of the Air Force in the Soviet Ministry of Defense. 1995 different Popov from active military service. Since then, he has held the rank of major general of the reserve of the Russian Air Force.

Popov is married and has two children.