Leopold Cohn (author)

Leopold Cohn ( born January 14, 1856 in Zempelburg, † November 18, 1915 in Breslau) was a German classical scholar and librarian.

Cohn worked mainly at the University of Breslau, where he was in 1878, Dr. phil., 1884 Privatdozent, 1889 librarian and professor in 1897. Even the Jewish faith, he was primarily known for the anxious together with Paul Wendland large edition of the ancient Jewish writers Philo of Alexandria.

Cohn's estate is located in the Berlin State Library.


  • De Aristophane Byzantio et Suetonio Tranquillo Eustathi Auctoribus, Leipzig, 1881
  • Studies on the sources of Plato Scholia, Leipzig, 1884
  • De Heraclide Milesio Grammatico, Berlin, 1884
  • The Paroemiographen, Wroclaw, 1887
  • Philonis Alexandrini Libellus de Opificio Mundi, Wroclaw, 1889
  • Philonis Alexandrini Opera Quae Super Sunt ( with Paul Wendland)