Leopold Grundwald

Leopold Grunwald ( born October 28, 1891 in Vienna ) was an Austrian football player at the position of striker and later a football coach. Together with the national team, he participated as a player in the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912.


First Champion of Austria and Olympic Games

Leopold Grunwald, called " Grundl " began his football career at Rapid Wien and belonged from 1909 to the starting eleven of the club. Together with Gustav Heinrich Blaha and grains he made in the first Austrian championship in 1911/12 the best attack of the league and has been with the Green-Whites, the first football champions of Austria. Leopold Grundwald even wore it at least 11 goals in 17 games in, not all goal scorers are known from the season. His talent was also the Austrian Football Association not hidden, so that the striker was nominated for the Games of the Austrian national team at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912.

In Stockholm Leopold Grunwald had but for now watch as the Austrian team to a 5-1 victory over Germany was eliminated against the Netherlands. However, the national team was able to participate in a specially created, but actually meaningless, " repechage " the competition. Here Leopold Grundwald first came in a 1-0 quarter-final victory over Norway for use. In the semi-final against Italy he has already contributed his first two international goals for a 5-1 rout. However, in the final he was defeated by the team Hungary 0:3

Preliminary end and return

In the Austrian League Grundwald could result in 1913 to defend the title successfully, but not quite connect to the shape of the previous year. In the National Team would not work so well with Torerfolge. Although he could for Rapid in 19 games in the Vizemeistersison of 1914 still 10 goals in 18 games achieve, he nevertheless developed slowly only to an option in both teams and retired after 1914, initially in two teams from the starting eleven from. For Rapid he graduated in 1915 season only three games in the national team he ran no longer on.

In the game season 1915/16 he returned to the starting eleven of the Green-Whites back, scoring 12 goals in 18 games and took traveled for the third time the master plate to Hütteldorf. The next season was the End of career, also due to the war, Leopold Grundwald in the air. He was still wearing 6 Goals for the fourth league title Rapids and graduated on October 1, 1916 his last international match against Hungary in Budapest, where he scored the winning goal in the 3-2 of the Austrians. In the season 1917/18 he was no longer used.

End of career

After the end of World War II he remained until 1922 as a substitute for the time being at the club. Nevertheless, it was used regularly, completed in 1921 even 11 games in the Championship and 4 Cupspiele. Thus Leopold Grundwald further three times champion with the Green-Whites (1919 - 1921) and won the first two Pokalwettberbe Austria (1919 - 1920). After a successful career at Rapid he finally left the club in 1922, was then still active as a player at the Vienna AF and tried as a coach, as with the Swiss tradition FC St. Gallen.


  • 7 x Austrian Champion: 1912, 1913, 1916, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1921
  • 2 x Austrian Cup Winner: 1919, 1920
  • 8 caps and 3 goals for the Austrian national football team from 1912 to 1916