Leopold Janauschek

Leopold Janauschek OCist ( born October 13, 1827 in Brno, † July 23, 1898 in Baden, Lower Austria ) was a Catholic Church historian and researcher of the Cistercian Order.


Janauschek graduated in 1846 and entered the monastery Zwettl in the same year. After studying at the Abbey of the Holy Cross, he was ordained a priest in 1851. 1853 to 1877 he taught church history and canon law at the Institutum Theologicum in Holy Cross; at the same time he studied from 1856 to 1859 at the University of Vienna. There he supplierte 1858/59 the chair of church history, but was determined by his superiors for teaching within the Order. His name has precedence in the field of religious history. 1876 ​​awarded him an honorary doctorate from the University of Tübingen. In 1877 he published his life's work, the Origines Cistercienses. Janauschek died on 23 July 1898 in Baden, and was buried in Holy Cross.

The order number after Janauschek

Janauschek wanted to write a second book about the convents of the Order, but was unable to complete this work before his death.

The research has come in the last century to new insights and Janauschek is not so recent matter hereof, even if a few details are now out of date in his book, the Originum Cisterciensium Tome Primus is considered largely reliable and is still one of the greatest works the Cistercian research.


  • Originum Cisterciensium Tome Primus in quo praemissis congregationum domiciliis adjectisque tabulis chronologico - genealogicis veterum abbatiarum a monachis habitatarum funda TIONES ad fidem antiquissimorum fontium primus descripsit, Vindobonae 1877 (reprint Ridgewood, NJ, Gregg Press, 1964 ) ( digitized ).
  • Statuta capitulorum Generalium Ordinis Cisterciensis 1191-1250, photocopied, produced and annotated by Janauschek copy of the General Chapter protocols, Bibliotheca Curiae Generalis Ordinis Cistercensis, signature HIS 111 original in the monastery archives Zwettl.