Les amitiés particulières (film)

  • Francis Lacombrade: Georges de Sarre
  • Didier Haudepin: Alexandre Motier
  • François Leccia: Lucien Rouvière
  • Gérard Chambre: André Ferron
  • Dominique Maurin: Marc de Blajean
  • Louis Seigner: Le père Lauzon
  • Michel Bouquet: Father Trennes

Secret friendships ( Original title: Les Amitiés particulières ) is a French film from 1964, based on the novel by Roger Peyrefitte. It was directed by Jean Delannoy, the screenplay written Aurenche Jean and Pierre Bost. A supporting role played Peyrefittes adopted son and later partner, Alain- Philippe d' Argens de Malagnac Villele.

The film came in the French cinema on 4 September 1964. The theatrical release in Germany took place only on 19 June 1970.


The 17 -year-old Georges switches to a Christian boarding school where the priests rule with a firm hand. Homosexual relationships of some of the same age classmates he faces critical; However, when he meets the 10 -year school pupils Alexandre, he falls in love with him.

But their relationship is discovered by the strict fathers, as Georges Alexandre 19 and 12, and Georges is represented in the words of a priest as a seducer of "Poor child ," another called him a danger to all students of the boarding school. First succeeds Georges, the first suspicious become Father who wants to tear apart the two, nachzusagen a relationship with a high school senior, so that the Father has to leave the school, but finally, when there is nothing left to hide, to persuade the Fathers Georges, who now 20, and is about to graduate from high school, at the end of the third trimester, Alexandre, now 13, to return all the love letters he has received from him, otherwise he is expelled not finish the school. When the 13 -year-old Alexandre, who has refused the Fathers also Georges ' to hand over the relationship triggering love letters to him on the train ride home tearing up the back preserved their own letters to Georges and throws out the window, he throws himself from the train and dies.

George regrets the forced return of the letters now even more, especially since he has tried to communicate Alexandre in another letter that he had the letters under duress of the Fathers have to return this last letter reached Alexandre but not in time before his death. Before the funeral, he goes to the priest, who has forced the return of the letters, and now denies that the death of Alexandre has something to do with the forced end of the relationship, although Georges disagrees. He says goodbye to the Father with the words: " My friendship was love. He lives on in me ... "

Georges ' and Alexandre's age is probably due to the problem of different subjects from the book (in the book had both been only two years apart ), each called only once in the film, Georges ' at the beginning of the film, when he at age 17 in the upper the boarding occurs, Alexandre's age (12 ) at the moment when the relationship between the two is discovered.

Director Delannoy directs the film adaptation of the novel with the following words:

Delannoy does not clarify whether this Georges ' or Alexandre's feelings are meant.


" In a carefully - discrete, like the excellent played film traces the psychology of young people, but fails due to the all too cliché-ridden sensationalism of the plot, so that it is ultimately not convincing social relevance. "


This film influenced female cartoonists of the group of 24er which thereby became the founders of shōnen -ai and yaoi manga.