Les Cayes

Les Cayes, formerly Aux Cayes, is a port city in the department of Sud and the third largest seaport of Haiti. According to a census of 1995, the population is about 45 904, so Les Cayes is the third largest city in Haiti. The outstanding trade here focuses mainly on coffee and sugar, but also timber and bananas will traded here on a larger scale.


Ten kilometers off the coast of Les Cayes lies the Île à Vache. From there appeared in the 17th century privateer Henry Morgan and Laurent de Graff. Simon Bolivar was launched on December 24, 1818 at the port of Les Cayes to here to get support for his struggle for freedom. Among other things he could be here borrow weapons and recruit fighters.

On August 12, 1831, the city was largely destroyed by a hurricane, and nearly 2,000 people died.

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