Lesotho Fatse La Bontata Rona

Lesotho fatše la bo ntat'a RONA is the national anthem of the Kingdom of Lesotho. The text was written by François Coillard, a French missionary of the Paris Evangelical Mission Society in the 1860s. The music was composed by the Swiss Ferdinant - Samuel Laur, Coillard had found the melody in a song book. The piece was created in 1967 national anthem. Three verses were omitted here because it Coillard wanted to distract the Basotho from traditional practices.


Lesotho fatše la bo ntat'a Rona; Ha ra mafatše le ke lona letle; Ke moo re hlahileng, ke moo re hōlileng, Rea lerata,

Molimo ak'u bōlōke Lesotho; U felise lintoa le matšoenyeho; Oho fatše lena; La bo ntata Rona; Le le Khotso be.

German translation

Lesotho, land of our fathers, Of all the countries you are the most beautiful. In you we are born And grew up - You are dear to us.

God bless Lesotho Spare us from conflicts and tribulations - Oh you, our country, Land of our fathers, May you remain in peace.