Leszek I the White

Leszek the White (Polish Leszek Bialy I, * 1186, † November 23, 1227 in Gąsawa, today powiat Żniński ) was 1194-1227 Duke of Lesser Poland in Sandomierz, 1194-1200 Duke of Mazovia, 1199-1200 Duke of Cujavia and in the years 1194-1198, 1206-1210, 1211-1227, as Leszek I, Duke of Lesser Poland in Krakow, consequently, Senior Duke of Poland. Leszek came from the dynasty of Piast.


He was a son of Casimir the Just One, and succeeded his father also sought in the Office of the Senior Duke ( Princeps ) of Poland in Krakow. He had his uncle Mieszko the old, the older brother of his father, to the opponent. He sat down finally in 1211 by the Cracow throne. Leszek targeted the acquisition of parts of Kievan Rus at, on which also the Kingdom of Hungary rose also claim - but achieved no success.

Perished Tragically Leszek at Gąsawa, where he met with Władysław the thin leg and Henry the Bearded to a meeting. During his escape after the robbery of the Duke of Pomerania, Swantopolk II, he lost his life.

  • Duke (Poland )
  • Born in 1186
  • Died in 1227
  • Man