Letizia Ramolino

Maria Laetitia Ramolino, written according to sources also Letizia, ( born August 24, 1750 in Ajaccio on Corsica, † February 2nd 1836 in Rome), known as Madame Mère, was the mother of Napoleon Bonaparte.


The Ramolinos were a resident in Corsica for 250 years family, descended from the Lombard Counts of Collalto. Letizia's father commanded the garrison at times of Ajaccio and was Inspector General of the roads and bridges of Corsica. When he died, her mother married a Swiss named Franz F (a) esch. Her half-brother Joseph Fesch, who was cardinal, supported his nephew's life.

Letizia Ramolino was on June 2, 1764 in Ajaccio, the wife of Carlo di Buonaparte. When this Pascal Paoli joined in the Corsican independence struggle against France, she accompanied her husband - with Napoléon pregnant and son Giuseppe 's hand - in the mountains. After the peace agreement in 1769, the family remained in Corsica live and could, thanks to land ownership and the French recognition of the title of nobility, together with the associated privileges such as tax breaks live there appropriate to their level. When in 1785 her husband Carlo died of stomach cancer, this changed and she tried - despite renewed marriage proposals - raising the children alone in the house still remained. It was supported mainly by her second eldest son Napoleon, who had embarked on a military career and family always sent money.

She was a very religious woman who attended mass daily. Napoleon's older brother Joseph was to become a priest.

Went as Corsica for France lost, she had to leave overnight with Fesch fours and their children Corsica. Your opinion was her son always important, but they quarreled frequently and angry about her daughter Josephine she remained self- coronation of her son away to the emperor. This countered by letting into paint in his coronation painting his mother simply. Remarkably, even in great distress she kept, as in 1814, her large fortune stingy and lent money to their children only at high interest.

After the 100 days, they settled in Rome, where she died in 1836.


Of their 13 children survived only eight. The first two died early after birth. My second son Napoléon Bonaparte was the first emperor of the French, their other children were raised by him to the rank of European rulers.

  • Joseph Bonaparte, (1768-1844), born as Giuseppe
  • Napoleon Bonaparte, (1769-1821), born as Nabulione / Napoleone
  • Lucien Bonaparte, (1775-1840), born as Lucciano
  • Elisa Bonaparte, (1777-1820), born Marianna / Maria - Anna
  • Louis Bonaparte, (1779-1846), born as Luigi
  • Pauline Bonaparte, (1780-1825), born as Maria- Paola
  • Caroline Bonaparte, (1782-1839), born as Maria Annunziata
  • Jérôme Bonaparte, (1784-1860), born Girolamo