Letzte Instanz

Latest Instance is a rock band from Dresden, combine the influences of folk - rock and classical music together.


Last instance was formed in 1996 in Dresden. Emerging from the band " Resistance" founded Hörbi, tin whistle, mothers pride, Kaspar Wichman, Holly D. and Markus G-spot the group. A year later, Benni Cellini to the band, first as a guest musician, a little later as a permanent member.

With five recorded even in the Dresden Ardenne sound studio tracks the band tried under the name Resistance to a recording contract, the label with the Costbar came about in 1996. On the first album, these recordings are included. Promptly with the conclusion of the first record deal was renamed last instance, to distinguish themselves from the same band.

Even before the group the second plate published The game Hörbi and Kaspar left the band. Replacements were Sebastian Lohse under the pseudonym Robin son at the microphone and Rasta F. on bass. In January 2002 coverte last instance the song Vision Thing by The Sisters Of Mercy, which will be released on the tribute album Thankyou Sisters of Mercy.

After a few tours with M. Stolz, Robin, Benni Cellini, FX, Holly D., Specki TD, Tin and Oli, now grown to eight members group went to their fourth plate. Gods On Demand was released in September 2003 and made ​​it into the German album charts. A live DVD and a live CD have been announced for the spring of 2004, finally appeared but not until the end of September.

After the tour for the new album in March 2004 left surprisingly Robin ( vocals), Tin (guitar) and FX ( bass) the band. Around the same time helped the two strings of Latter- instance ( M. Stolz and Benni Cellini ) of the newly formed band Angelzoom at four songs for their first album Angelzoom and the single release Fairyland. Moreover, the two Angelzoom also accompanied live on the " Tiefenrausch Tour 2005 ".

In December 2004, Michael Ende joined the group as a bassist and in February 2005, a new singer for the last instance was found with Holly. Beginning of June 2005 saw the first appearances instead of a new cast. After a successful " test " at various festivals in the summer of 2005, the end of September was the instance back into the studio to record the light scheduled for 2006, album ins.

On February 3, 2006 was published Ins light and a week later the leap took place on 53 of the German Media Control Charts. For the song " The Stimmlein " on Into the Light had become the last instance Eric Fish ( Subway To Sally ), Sven Friedrich ( Zeraphine ) and Thomas Lindner ( Schandmaul ) brought in as guest vocalists into the studio.

On 23 March 2007, the sixth work of the band appeared under the title We are gold - a record that guitarist Holly D. as " harmonischstes work" describes. For one thing, singer Holly may finally be fully counted and all the latest instance, on the other hand, because the band this time was so close to the recording process to it as otherwise not: Most of the songs were written during the " Into the Light " tour on the tour bus where "you then partly times to 3 clock at night zusammensaß and played music ." The single We are alone is a cover version of Inchtabokatables songs "You chained me up".

In the same year the group released on December 14, her purely acoustic album The white song on the old next to new interpretations of songs also four completely new as well as the David Bowie cover "heroes" are included. In August 2008, both the Live CD The White travel were: Live in Dresden, as well as the DVD gold with the recording of the acoustic concert in Dresden's Church of St. Luke and the gig at the Wacken Open Air 2007 published.

The album Guilty appeared on 27 February 2009. Advance single escape into happiness contained along with two other tracks also the song "The Garden ", which began the band with the Turkish-born singer Aylin Aslım.

On 30 May 2010 the drummer was Specki T.D. known after eight years of his retirement and moved to In Extremo. Since June 2010, sits David Pätsch, former drummer of Subway to Sally and a member of the Blue Man Group behind the drums. On 1 October 2010 the album Christmas appeared. Pre- show, the song was decoupled into my face as a radio single.

2011 was followed by the song New Heroes as a single and anthem for IIHF U18 World Cup in Dresden and Crimmitschau. With their total tenth studio album Eternal made ​​it last instance in 2012 to number 11 in the German album charts, preceded by the song was released from the start, with video and as a single stand for download, among other things on Amazon for free. In December, a music video for the song followed Blind in cooperation with white frost singer Ria, which originated in Berlin and Leipzig during the tour for the album.

On 3 March 2014, the band announced that Holly D. has left the band for personal reasons.


After their first album Brachial romance that still strongly oriented to the medieval rock of bands like Subway to Sally or In Extremo, they were attributed to this style.

The sound of the next disc has changed a lot compared to the first book: The strings wander a little into the background and the focus goes a little way to the usual band instruments, but also some electronic gadgets were installed. Also the use of rap in some songs shows her detachment from the medieval rock scene. On the CD you will find with Love is a Shield by Camouflage the first cover version of the band.

By the third album Cold gloss to last instance showed again with a new sound: the string passages were further into the background. Borrowings from the folk and guitar riffs that are typical of the Nu Metal, merge on this record. Furthermore, the band picked up the support of two well-known singer Marta Jandová Die Happy and Sven Friedrich from the now defunct band Dreadful Shadows and current frontman of the band Zeraphine and Solar Fake support the septet with three songs.

With the change to the current singer Holly, the style changed to match the new voice one more time; so the band sounded much calmer now. The strings came out again, the traditional rock instruments in the background. On the acoustic album " The White Song " dominated the strings almost completely.

The Holy albums, the previously released the album Everlasting Guilty and form a trilogy, which again focuses compared to The White song on the rock elements from the times of the previous singer Sebastian " Robin " Lohse. Since Holly's voice is rather dissimilar from Robin, the new albums remain text -heavy than the older ones.


Studio albums

Live albums

  • 2004: Live ( live DVD)
  • 2008: The White Journey: Live In Dresden ( live album )
  • 2009: Guilty - Tour Edition ( with live CD from the Wave -Gotik-Treffen 2009)


  • 2001: Kopfkino
  • 2005: Sun ( only available in the webshop and at concerts )
  • 2006: The Stimmlein (Promo CD)
  • 2007: We are alone (Promo CD)
  • 2008: Escape to Happiness ( only available in the shop and at concerts )
  • 2009: Darkness ( only available in the webshop, limited to 100 pieces )
  • 2010: Look into my face ( as a radio single )
  • 2011: New heroes ( also official anthem of the IIHF U18 World Cup )
  • 2012: From the beginning


  • 2012: Tausendschön ( As an exclusive supplement of Sonic Seducer magazine )
  • 2004: Live ( Live CD)
  • 2008: White Gold
  • 2014: 15 years Brachial romance The anniversary concert

Music videos

  • 2001: Kopfkino
  • 2006: We are alone
  • 2006: Do not ever come back
  • 2010: Look in my face
  • 2012: From the beginning
  • 2012: Blind

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  • The musicians of the group were awarded on 25 February 2011 as the official Ice Hockey World Championship Ambassador of the U18 World Cup. The certificate was handed over during the game against the Eispiraten Crimmitschau Dresdner Eislöwen.