Leucippus (mythology)

Leucippus ( Λεύκιππος ancient Greek ) In Greek mythology, king of Messenia and the father of the eponymous Leukippiden.

Leucippus is the son of Perieres and Gorgophone, his brothers are Aphareus, Tyndareus and Ikarios. The domination of Messinia he shares with his brother Aphareus. With his wife he had Philodike the daughters Hilaeira and Phoebe, the so-called Leukippiden who are abducted by the Dioscuri, and Arsinoe, which is the mother of Asclepius by Apollo.

Pausanias reports that after Messenian tradition, the laconic Leuktron city was founded by Leucippus what Pausanias seemed credible because of the local worship of Asklepios. Ovid calls him among the participants on the hunt for the Calydonian Boar.