Levan Tediashvili

Levan Kitojewitsch Tediaschwili (* Georgian ლევან თედიაშვილი, March 15, 1948 in Sagarejo, Kakheti ) is a former Soviet wrestler and current Georgian politicians.

He was a member of Locomotive Tbilisi and learned there the rings. He wrestled exclusively in free style and belonged between 1970 and 1980 for the best in the world. Highlights of his career include the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 and 1976 in Montreal. He also published the German world-class wrestlers Horst Stottmeister from Leipzig and Peter Neumair from Munich several times the way on top of the podium. 1978 managed to beat Harald Büttner was the only German Ringer Tediaschwili.

After the political changes in the Soviet Union, Tediaschwili committed in his native Georgia. He became a politician, is a member of the Georgian Parliament and practiced law at the University of Tbilisi. For his contributions to the sport wrestler he was taken in September 2005 in the FILA International Wrestling Hall of Fame.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championship, European Championship EM =, Mi = middleweight, HS = half- heavyweight, S = Heavy weight)