Level (video gaming)

A Level (FCL, level ',' Level ' from the Latin libra = Libra ', ' Average weighted ', ' unit weight ', article or that) is in computer games, a section of the game, the player must overcome to enter the to reach the next section.

The distribution of games in levels is usually technically justified, since no arbitrarily large number of resources ( ie geometry, textures, environmental objects or effects ) can be kept in memory simultaneously. Hence it is when changing to a new level usually waiting periods for which the resources are loaded that are required for the next section and outdated resources are released.

Despite the initially technically justified classification of a game into several levels these were early used as a substantive outline means, so that in many games, the individual levels of the chapters are similar in a book or document in a play. The on-screen during the transition loading screen is about to show text and image information to the next level and to progress the story.

Newer computer games often break the classical level conventions by permanently reallocate resources during normal play operation via streaming techniques and so no, or only have to show a few loading screens.

The level design includes the design and construction of complex levels in modern 3D games.

For very simple design computer games, the successive levels can mean a gradual increase in the level of difficulty also simple, for example, only the speed is in Tetris on reaching the next level increases - at constant pitch and principle.

Other terms and delimitation

Other names are Stage (English " section", "stage" ), often in 2D action games, and especially for the multi-player mode usual designation Map (English " map ", " map ", not to be confused with the equally as map referred overview maps in computer games ).

Level referred to in the English language and the progress and development stage of a player character in role playing games. In German, however, is the word level common. Levels specifically in online role- playing game, a strategy that has the goal as quickly as possible to achieve a high level character.