LEW Hennigsdorf

The VEB locomotive Electrical works " Hans Beimler " Hennig village ( LEW ), named after the politician Hans Beimler, was a rail vehicle manufacturer in the GDR, where the sole manufacturer of electric locomotives.


In addition to the electric locomotives of the DR series 211, 242, 251, 250, 212/243/114/112 and 252 from the VEB locomotive " Karl Marx " were from 1964 ( LKM ) in Potsdam- Babelsberg developed diesel locomotives of the series V 60.12 and 110 series there manufactured in series. Furthermore, various types of cars for mining trains, as well as various railcar types for export and the Berlin S -Bahn and U were produced.

Came out from the LEW Hennigsdorfer operation of AEG. The 80 percent destroyed in the war work had been confiscated in 1946 by the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD ) and handed over two years later, again in German administration. In the same year the production of locomotives was resumed. 1954 also the prototypes of the steam locomotive Series Series were manufactured 65.10 in Hennigsdorf, 1961, the newly developed DR- Series E 11 and E 42, 1973/1974, the model prototypes 280 From 1952, the Grubenloks the EL 2 series for the standard gauge and already since 1951 the Grubenloks the EL 3 series made ​​for the 900 mm narrow gauge. Another type of the EL Series is the EL 4 series, which was produced for industrial railways of the GDR. Another interesting fact LEW in the years 1954 to 1958 the Polish State Railways PKP DC locomotives of the series E 04 (EU 04) and E 05 (EU 20).

The widespread battery towing tractors (ASF ) of the EL 16 series also came from Hennig village.

The electron multi-chamber furnaces developed by the Ardenne Institute for the production of ultra-pure steels were manufactured in Hennigsdorf. Also large amounts were produced on copper foil for printed circuit board production in the GDR Hennig village.

As part of the consumer - offensive of the 1980s and household electrical appliances, garden furniture and stoves were produced.

Combine LEW

To combine LEW included, inter alia, the operators:

  • Electroplating VEB Leipzig ( GTL), successor of Langbein - Pfanhauser works in the GDR
  • VEB industrial furnaces and plant Guentersberge
  • VEB infrared Plant Oranienburg
  • VEB Schaltgerätewerk Werder
  • VEB Schaltgerätewerk Muskau

After the reunification

After the reunification in 1990, the Treuhand divided the work. The rail vehicle part was continued from 1992 as AEG rail vehicles Hennigsdorf GmbH from 1996 to 2001, it was a work of Adtranz and heard since then - with significantly reduced workforce - for Bombardier Transportation. The division insulating materials of the LEW was taken over in 1992 by the Swiss company Von Roll Isola, but later dissolved in Hennigsdorf. The range of household electrical appliances of old LEW was continued as a trustee operating LEW GmbH, but could not compete with water heaters on the market and was settled. The industrial part of the electric heat still exists today as a Marx electric heat GmbH and has specialized in the manufacture of industrial furnaces and ladles.