Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton MBE (born 7 January 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England ) is a British racing driver.

Hamilton was admitted to the funding of the Formula 1 team McLaren in 1998. In 2005 he won the Formula 3 Euro Series and 2006 GP2 Series. Since 2007 he starts in Formula 1 from 2007 to 2012 was Hamilton for McLaren at the start. During this time he became an instant World Cup champions and 2008, the youngest at that time world champion in Formula 1 history. Since 2013 Hamilton occurs in Formula 1 at Mercedes.

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Beginnings in motorsport


Hamilton began in 1993 at the age of eight years with karting. He went through different categories: Cadet (1995-1996), Junior Yamaha (1997 ), Junior Intercontinental A ( 1998-1999), Intercontinental A ( 1999), Formula A ( 2000). In 2000, the British Racing Drivers ' Club to a ' Rising Star' appointed him a member. At age ten, he asked Ron Dennis, Team Principal of the Formula 1 racing team McLaren was then, for an autograph and told him that he would like to drive for the team later. Already in 1998, committed Dennis Hamilton for the McLaren driver development program. The agreement also included an option for a Formula 1 cockpit.

Formula Renault and Formula 3

Hamilton began his professional racing career in Formula racing in the winter 2001/2002 winter series in the British Formula Renault, before he moved to the British Formula Renault for two years. For Manor Motorsport starting he won after he finished third in 2002, 2003 the championship. In addition, he joined two years for some races in different racing series, among other things the British Formula 3 Championship and the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup. In the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup, he scored a total of four podium places - including a victory - in six starts.

2004 joined Hamilton in the Formula 3 Euro Series. With a victory at the Norisring, he finished at the end of the season fifth overall. At the end of the season left Hamilton Manor Motorsport and joined the French top team ASM Formule 3, with which he played the 2005 season. His team-mate Adrian Sutil was to which Hamilton had a friendly relationship until early 2012. Hamilton, who had dominated the season, winning 15 of 20 races and secured the league title ahead of teammate Sutil.

GP2 Series

For the 2006 season, Hamilton joined the GP2 Series, which was held as part of the Formula 1. He stopped his team, who bore the name of ART Grand Prix in GP2 Series, loyal. Hamilton's team-mate was Alexandre Prémat, who had already gone a season for ART Grand Prix in GP2 series at the start. Hamilton took over the cockpit of Nico Rosberg, who had previously won one years the championship. In the fifth race at the Nürburgring Hamilton won his first race in the new championship, although he had to do a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pit lane. With four more wins, including the prestigious race at the Circuit de Monaco, and nine podium finishes Hamilton won the championship before Nelson Angelo Piquet.

Formula 1

McLaren (2007-2012)


On 24 November 2006 McLaren -Mercedes Hamilton officially confirmed as the second driver alongside the then world champion Fernando Alonso and thus their own funding policies of recent years. According to Ron Dennis Hamilton was the only driver on the market that would have really impressed him after the resignation of Michael Schumacher and Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen's obligations as well as in the transfer market was available: " There was no one who really excelled. Lewis is worth it to give him the chance so that he can show us what he is capable of. " Since Ron Dennis had promoted the career of Hamilton since about ten years, the entrance of the first black racing driver in the was formula 1 for the 2007 season, a popular topic in the media. Among other things, also because Bernie Ecclestone had talked for years being a colored driver and a woman were the only thing of formula 1 from marketing reasons still missing. Hamilton has since written to the role of the "Tiger Woods of Formula 1".

In his first Formula 1 race, the Grand Prix of Australia on 18 March 2007, he reached the same podium: He crossed behind Raikkonen and Alonso in third the finish line after he had lain in the race for a long time in front of his teammates. He was the best debutant since Jacques Villeneuve in 1996, who was then in his first race - finished second - also in Melbourne. That it was not about beginner's luck at Hamilton's performance, he showed at the four next race in Malaysia, Bahrain, Spain and Monaco, where he was second in each case. Hamilton became the first Formula 1 -comers in the 57 -year-old Formula 1 history, who took part in his first three races each at the award ceremony. After the race in Monaco McLaren was suspected to have Hamilton slowed down deliberately in order not to jeopardize the victory of his team-mate Alonso. The FIA ​​initiated an investigation on suspicion of team orders. After evaluating the data, McLaren was acquitted. However Thus began the mainly medial staged rivalry between Hamilton and Alonso. The British press regularly assumed the deprivation of their compatriot, while the Spanish press did this the other way around as well. The ratio between the two pilots cooled down considerably after joking in public were early in the season yet occurred together and had made ​​a joint commercial for Mercedes -Benz. Especially Alonso came under enormous pressure explanation why he debutants in the same vehicle could not beat regularly as a two -time world champion and meanwhile significantly fell in the championship behind this.

The next Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Canada Hamilton scored his first pole position and finally won his first victory. He took over as the youngest driver at the time of the Formula 1 World Championship history, the leadership, which he retained until the season finale. A race later at the U.S. Grand Prix he repeated the results from Canada and scored from the pole position starting another victory. With two third places in France and the UK, Hamilton extended his record as a debutante with the most podium finishes in a row, nine times out.

When the chaotic European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, Hamilton came for the first time in the 2007 season, not the podium and also not in the points after he survived a serious accident in qualifying. At the same time won Alonso, who so caught up in Hamilton in the world championship. When following the Hungarian Grand Prix, the duel between Hamilton and Alonso reached a further tightening: In qualifying, Alonso remained in the last segment are in the McLaren pit crew unusually long, thus blocking his teammates. Alonso's car was already cleared and he had received the signal to continue. However, Alonso remained for no apparent external reasons in the box are so Hamilton had to wait in the pit lane behind him. Hamilton was thus no longer able to drive another timed lap to still displace the past Alonso in the lead from the top. The race management assessed the incident as rude conduct Alonso against Hamilton. She spoke a disciplinary transfer to five places to number six in the starting lineup against him. In addition, the race director, McLaren decided to deprive all possible points for the constructors' championship team order for this race. The drivers' standings remained unaffected by the punishment. Alleged background for Alonso's behavior previously arbitrarily changed from Lewis Hamilton sequence was at the pit exit in qualifying: Contrary to the statement of team boss Dennis Hamilton was driven to the track ahead of Alonso. In the race, Hamilton built with a victory on the boss, while Alonso finished fourth. In the following three races that made up the European end of the season, Hamilton scored with a second place in Italy a further placing on the podium. Since Alonso won the race, it was the fourth time a McLaren one-two this season.

After his victory at rainy Japanese Grand Prix Hamilton had with two races to go 12 points ahead of Alonso and 17 points ahead of Räikkönen and thus a solid lead in the world championship. Already at the next Grand Prix of China, he could have made the title perfect, but slid superior leadership on bald tires in the 31st round in the pit lane entrance unhappy in a gravel bed and was no longer able to continue the race. Ferrari driver Raikkonen won the race instead, and so arose before the final one of the most exciting points constellations of Formula 1 history in which three drivers had chances for the title. Before the decisive race in Brazil, Hamilton led with 107 ahead of Alonso with 103 and Raikkonen with 100 points. There, Hamilton fell right at the beginning because of a driving error and technical problems back to the lower ranks. At the end of the race he finished in seventh place, which was not enough for the title due to the simultaneous victory of Raikkonen. So he was behind Raikkonen, but before his equal on points team mate Alonso Vice World Champion.

After the end of the race it was announced that the FIA was investigating BMW Sauber and Williams for fuel irregularities in the temperature. After a disqualification Hamilton might be subsequently moved up to fourth place and at the green table still become World Champion. The FIA ​​, however, decided not to punish BMW Sauber and Williams, confirming the result of the World Cup. Appeal against that decision the McLaren team a official protest. On 16 November 2007 the appeal was denied and confirmed the result of the race in Brazil.

The season was overshadowed by the so-called " espionage ", was involved in the Hamilton team. McLaren was alleged to have used data from the rivals Ferrari for the design of your own race car, which is the crime of industrial espionage. Already after the first races were allegations a Ferrari employee had passed secret information to a contact person at McLaren. In September, the McLaren team before the FIA World Council in Paris was sentenced to pay a fine of one hundred million dollars. In addition, the team were deprived of all the points the team standings of the current season. Hamilton himself his team had always taken in the public protection and denied the allegations. His team-mate Alonso, however, who had the team during the second half of the season also publicly criticized hard, McLaren left end of the season after only one year and returned to Renault.

2008 ( World Title )

18 January 2008 McLaren announced that Hamilton had signed a new contract until 2012. The former Renault driver Heikki Kovalainen has been committed as a successor to the migrated Alonso early in December. At the first race of the 2008 season in Australia Hamilton not only achieved the pole position, but also won the same race. In the next two races followed a fifth-place finish at the Malaysian Grand Prix and a 13th place in Bahrain, which he lost the world championship lead to Raikkonen. After a third place in Spain and a second place in Turkey Hamilton won in Monaco and again took over the World Cup lead. He beat the Ferrari in qualifying strong and won despite a puncture at the beginning and partly pouring rain.

When following the Canadian Grand Prix Hamilton led the race first. During a pit stop in a safety car phase, however, there was a debt of his accident, he retired. He had not seen the red light at the pit exit and it was his opponent Raikkonen drove into the back of his Ferrari. He therefore lost the lead in the Drivers' World Championship to Robert Kubica. After the race, he was punished with a disciplinary transfer of ten places on the grid for the Grand Prix of France. In this he did not come out because of the transfer and a drive-through penalty on tenth place.

At the next race, his home race in Britain he showed a flawless performance, won the race and took the lead in the world championship. Hamilton had only the second and third rounds not in this race and it came with about a minute ahead of the finish. Also the next race, the Grand Prix of Germany he decided in his favor. In Hungary, Hamilton scored pole position, but did not due to a puncture in the race through the fifth square. Since Felipe Massa lying precipitated lead just before the end, Hamilton retained the world championship lead and now operational mitigation. The race was won by his team-mate Kovalainen. After a second place behind Massa at the European Grand Prix on the new street circuit of Valencia Hamilton was at Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix of Belgium again on the first launch site. In the race he lost a first position to Raikkonen, who led the race over long distances. Before closing, however, Hamilton used the rain started to put Raikkonen under pressure. In the following happened to the slippery road several leadership changes. Räikkönen lost a lap to the control of his car and dropped out, Hamilton was the first across the finish line. His joy of victory, however, lasted only briefly: the jury decided, Hamilton to prove because of truncated because the chicane before the start and finish in a duel with Raikkonen with 25 seconds penalty, which threw him back in third place. McLaren appealed against the decision, a protest, which was, however, a good three weeks later dismissed before the FIA Court of Paris.

In the following race in Italy and Singapore, Hamilton got only eight points, but his rival Massa not caught up. In Japan, Hamilton robbed in the first curve of all opportunities themselves and had no points. At the following race, the Grand Prix of China, he drove a an unchallenged victory.

With seven points ahead of Massa Hamilton traveled to the finals in Brazil. Hamilton had - like last year - a victory of his pursuer be only fifth. In a long-distance rather uneventful race this goal seemed not at risk until about ten laps to go rain setting the order again messed brought. Massa maintained the lead and went first across the finish line, while Hamilton had to overtake on the penultimate lap of Sebastian Vettel and there was only sixth. At this time, Massa would have been champion. However, had the driving on dry tires Timo Glock in the Toyota pay tribute to the more humid expectant runway tribute and forfeited his lead until it finally Vettel and Hamilton still pass. So that the world championship was decided in a dramatic heart-stopping and literally at the last corner of the last lap of the last race. Hamilton chose with only one point ahead of the hitherto youngest world champion in Formula 1 history. In 2010, he lost that record to Vettel.


Before the 2009 season was already apparent during testing that McLaren had focused too much on the development of the current car in the fight for the world championship during 2008. The new MP4 -24 fulfilled the hopes of the team not what the competition ability was concerned. In order to dampen public expectations for the reigning world champion in advance, announced Mercedes -Benz motorsport boss Norbert Haug that he expected initially to be able to fight just to midfield positions. At the first race in Australia, the first prediction was confirmed: Hamilton and his team-mate Kovalainen drove well behind the tip and did not reach top 10 starting positions. In the race, but Hamilton took advantage of the sometimes chaotic conditions and came up with a flawless performance as a surprising fourth behind Jarno Trulli to the finish. After the race, Trulli was demoted for allegedly overtaking during the safety car period to twelfth, so that Hamilton initially inherited third place. However, he was later disqualified because Hamilton and McLaren should have misled the commissioners at the first hearing in Melbourne on purpose. Trulli got back, however, his third place.

Although he was not a good car, he ended the next three races in the points. This was followed by a prolonged period, remained in Hamilton with no points. It was partly due to the weak McLaren, in part to Hamilton itself so made ​​it impossible for an accident in qualifying in Monaco a good starting position, which is especially important in this race. At the Grand Prix of Germany Hamilton fell after a collision at the start in a promising position back end of the field. All the more surprising was his performance in Hungary. With a good start and a good strategy Hamilton won his first race this season. At the next race in Valencia it was as if Hamilton would win again appeared, but it made ​​it impossible for a bad pit stop another victory and he finished second. In Italy, Hamilton once again achieved a pole position in the race but had to admit defeat to the two Brawn drivers. His third place he occupied until the last lap, Hamilton did not save to the finish, because he lost control of his race car between the Lesmo curves. Instead, he used his pole position at the next race in Singapore, to once again win a race. After he had become each third at the next two races, Hamilton captured the season finale in Abu Dhabi again the pole position. In the race he first held the lead, but not distanced itself as hoped by Vettel, who had started with more gasoline. Shortly after Vettel had taken the lead after the first pit stops, Hamilton had to retire from the race with brake problems. At the end of the season, he finished fifth overall. Hamilton, who had already had his team-mate Kovalainen in the previous handle, 2009 continued even clearer by the Finns and thus was also responsible with making sure that McLaren has severed end of the season of Kovalainen.


Hamilton's new team-mate for the 2010 season was the reigning world champion Jenson Button. After Hamilton was started with a third place in Bahrain well into the season, it ran for him at the Grand Prix of Australia not so good. Initially his personal car was impounded on Friday after burnouts on public roads by the police and Hamilton cited for improper use of a vehicle. Also on the track, it did not go well. After lying not succeed in third place to go to the placed before him Kubica over, his team opted for a strategy change and changed again the tires. Hamilton lost by the extra stop one 's position and managed by a Aufholjagt fifth place lying not at his former teammate Alonso pass. A few laps from the end he collided while trying to overtake Alonso with Mark Webber and finally came in sixth place. At the Malaysian Grand Prix, he was, after he had gone as 20th on the grid, after some overtaking in the race in sixth place. With a second place in China behind Button McLaren scored the first double victory of the season. In the European season in Spain after it initially looked as if he would give the second place again, but he fell two laps to go with a defect in the left front wheel.

After a fifth place in Monaco Hamilton graduated at the Grand Prix of Turkey its first lead laps of the season and won the race ahead of his teammate Button for itself. He benefited from a team-internal collision of the Red Bull drivers, which were only slightly ahead of him. A race later, the Grand Prix of Canada, followed by a further win for Hamilton, he scored from the pole position starting on their own. With this success, Hamilton took the lead in the drivers' world championship from Webber. With two second places and a fourth place in the next three races, the McLaren driver defended his lead in the drivers' world championship until the Hungarian Grand Prix. At the Hungaroring, he had to deal with technical problems, give up and came for the first time this season, not in the standings. He lost the lead to Webber.

A race later, the Grand Prix of Belgium, he won his third race in the 2010 season ahead of Webber. Hamilton led the race from the first lap and was best with the changing weather conditions cope. He took so once again the world champion leadership, however, he retained only until the next Grand Prix. In the next two races followed failures after collisions. In Italy he retired in the first lap after a collision with Massa. At the Grand Prix of Singapore, he collided after he had dropped back after a pit stop behind Webber, while trying to overtake his opponent with him and failed. In the next three races, he came under each of the first five pilots to the finish and was in Korea in second on the podium. With 24 points behind leader Alonso Hamilton went with a theoretical title chances in the last race, the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. Starting from second place, he finished second. It was enough thus not to the title and he finished the season in fourth place.


After a second place at the Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton was also in Malaysia first and second place. In the second half of the race however, he had suffered from tire problems and finished in seventh place finish. Following the race, he was, however, as he had often changed lanes in a duel with Alonso, a 20 -second penalty for which he dropped back to eighth place. In China Hamilton finally decreed in the final stages on better tires than his opponents. He therefore showed several overtaking maneuvers and took over just before the end of the race the lead from Vettel to win the race. In the fifth race, the Spanish Grand Prix Hamilton came in second place to the finish. As in China, he dueled in the final phase with Vettel for the win, but could not overtake him. In Monaco, Hamilton scored on a dedicated driving and two collisions, for which he was once occupied by a drive-through penalty and after the race with a 20 -second time penalty. Because insulting remarks in an interview after the race he was threatened with a FIA - lock that he could avert by apologizing to the stewards yet. A race later, at the Canadian Grand Prix Hamilton retired after a collision with his team-mate.

At the tenth race in Germany was followed by Hamilton's second win of the season. A race later in Hungary, Hamilton had the most laps led. To win in the changing weather conditions marked by race but it was not enough as it fell back through a spin, a wrong strategy and a drive-through penalty to sixth place, and finally crossed the finish line in fourth place. At the following race in Belgium Hamilton retired after a self-inflicted collision with Kamui Kobayashi again. After he again clashed with the Singapore Grand Prix due to a driving error with the Ferrari of Massa, he was once again fierce criticism from the paddock and the press exposed. In Korea, he was the second again on the podium. In the second to last race in Abu Dhabi Hamilton chose the Grand Prix itself. After the launching of the pole position Vettel had failed in the first round, Hamilton led the race pit stop adjusted continuously to. At the end of the season he finished fifth in the World Championship. With 227 to 270 points he lost button, the vice world champion, was internally He lost for the first time in his Formula 1 career, the duel against his teammates.


2012 Hamilton denied his sixth Formula 1 season for McLaren. Button was again his teammate. In the first two races in Australia and Malaysia, Hamilton scored pole position and came in third place finish. A race later, in China, Hamilton was moved to a gearbox change on the grid to five positions to seventh place back. In the race, he reached again the third place and took with it after the third race the lead in the World Championship, which he lost a race later. In qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton set the fastest lap in qualifying and was then told by his team to cancel the cool down lap to still keep the required minimum amount of fuel in the tank. He was disqualified it because it had broken down lap, which was forbidden by the regulations. Hamilton had broken down lap already at the Grand Prix of Canada 2010. He was allowed to start the race from last place. He crossed the finish line in eighth place.

In the seventh race in Canada Hamilton finally won his first race of the season took the lead in the world championship. A race later, at the European Grand Prix, he lost it again. Hamilton was in the final stage in second place. After initially Räikkönen was passed him, he found himself in a duel with Pastor Maldonado. The two touched each other in the second- last lap and Hamilton had to park his car. He was regarded as 19. At the Grand Prix of Germany, his 100th Grand Prix, Hamilton fell after a puncture far back and was partly back a round. He succeeded in this phase, go along the times of the leading pilots and rounded against Vettel, who was in second place, on the route back. A race later, at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton won starting from pole position. He stopped in the closing stages Raikkonen behind. Two races later in Italy, he won one more time.

In the subsequent Singapore Grand Prix Hamilton resigned in the lead with a technical problem. In the week after the Grand Prix was announced that he would leave McLaren Formula 1 season in 2013 and had signed a contract with Mercedes. He replaced Michael Schumacher. At the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Hamilton fell a second time with a technical problem in the lead out. Two weeks later he won the U.S. Grand Prix at the new circuit in Austin. At the last race of the season in Brazil Hamilton retired after a collision with Nico Hulkenberg in a duel for the lead out. At the end of the season he finished fourth in the World Championship and sat down with 190 to 188 points, just ahead of Button by.

Mercedes (from 2013)

Since the 2013 season, Hamilton is at Mercedes in Formula 1 under contract. His contract runs until the end of the season 2015. He was team-mate Nico Rosberg. Already at the second race in Malaysia Hamilton scored with a third place his first podium placement for Mercedes. However, Rosberg, who was right behind him to the finish, was given several times to understand by the team management, not to overtake Hamilton. In the subsequent Chinese Grand Prix Hamilton scored the first pole position as the Mercedes driver. In the race followed with a third place a further podium placement. After three races without a podium placement Hamilton finished third in Canada again. At his home race in Britain Hamilton led the race from pole position starting at first. After he had fallen behind due to a puncture, he took on gradually and was finally fourth. A week later in Germany Hamilton started from pole position again. However, he had already lost the lead at the start and was eventually fifth. At the following race, the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton scored his first victory for Mercedes from pole position starting. A race later in Belgium Hamilton started from pole position again. However, he already lost the lead in the starting phase. He came in third place finish. Hamilton scored 189 points and finished the season in fourth place. So he sat down internally against Rosberg by, who had brought 171 points.

2014 form Hamilton and Rosberg, again, driving a Mercedes. At the season opener in Australia Hamilton scored pole position. In the race, he retired early with engine problems. Two weeks later in Malaysia starting Hamilton won from pole position. At the following race in Bahrain, he scored his second win of the season. He fought a duel against Rosberg, he held consistently behind. After the third race Hamilton took second place overall.


Hamilton's paternal grandparents are from the island of Grenada and migrated in the 1950s from the UK. The father of Lewis, Anthony Hamilton, named his son after the U.S. track and field star Carl Lewis. From 2007 to 2013 Hamilton was associated with interruptions with singer Nicole Scherzinger.

On 31 December 2008, presented Queen Elizabeth II Hamilton the Order of Merit Member of the British Empire ( MBE).

In the waxworks of the Tussauds Group in Blackpool is a wax figure of him.


Upon introduction of the permanent Formula 1 race numbers 2014 Hamilton chose the # 44 Hamilton chose the number to represent his initials on the helmet can and because he had this number in karting.


Career stations

  • 2003: British Formula 3
  • 2004: Formula 3 Euro Series ( 5th place)
  • 2005: Formula 3 Euro Series (Master)
  • 2006: GP2 Series (Master)
  • 2007: Formula 1 (2nd place)
  • 2008: Formula 1 (World Champion )
  • 2009: Formula 1 ( 5th place)
  • 2010: Formula 1 (4th place )
  • 2011: Formula 1 ( 5th place)
  • 2012: Formula 1 (4th place )
  • 2013: Formula 1 (4th place )
  • 2014: Formula 1

Statistics in Formula 1

Status: Bahrain Grand Prix, April 6, 2014

Grand Prix victories

  • 2007: Canada ( Montréal)
  • 2007: United States (Indianapolis )
  • 2007: Hungary ( Mogyoród )
  • 2007: Japan (Fuji )
  • 2008: Australia (Melbourne )
  • 2008: Monaco ( Monte Carlo )
  • 2008: Great Britain ( Silverstone )
  • 2008: Germany ( Hockenheim )
  • 2008: China ( Shanghai)
  • 2009: Hungary ( Mogyoród )
  • 2009: Singapore ( Singapore)
  • 2010: Turkey ( Istanbul)
  • 2010: Canada ( Montréal)
  • 2010: Belgium ( Spa -Francorchamps )
  • 2011: China ( Shanghai)
  • 2011: Germany ( Nürburgring )
  • 2011: Abu Dhabi ( Yas Island )
  • 2012: Canada ( Montréal)
  • 2012: Hungary ( Mogyoród )
  • 2012: Italy (Monza )
  • 2012: United States of America (Austin )
  • 2013: Hungary ( Mogyoród )
  • 2014: Malaysia ( Sepang )
  • 2014: Bahrain ( as- Sachir )

Individual results

Records in Formula 1

  • Most wins in a debut season: 4 (along with Jacques Villeneuve )
  • Most pole positions in a debut season: 6
  • Most points in a debut season: 109
  • Youngest driver, who led the Formula 1 World Championship: 22 years, 4 months, 8 days - Bahrain GP 2007
  • Most consecutive podiums from the first race: 9 - 2007 Australian GP - Great Britain GP 2007
  • From the debut of most consecutive seasons with at least one victory: 8 seasons ( 2007-2014)


  • 2007 GQ "Man of the Year"
  • 2007 Autosport Award for " Rookie of the Year"
  • 2007 Autosport Award for " Best British racing driver "
  • 2007 Autosport Award for " Best International Racers "
  • 2007 Golden Steering Wheel
  • 2008 Laureus World Sports Award for Breakthrough of the Year ( for 2007)
  • 2008 Bambi in the category Special Jury Award