Lewiston (Maine)

Androscoggin County


Lewiston is a city in Androscoggin County in the U.S. state of Maine. Lewiston has 36 592 inhabitants ( 2010 census ) in an area of 91.1 km ², of which 2.8 km ² water surface. Lewiston is located in southwestern Maine in the cases of the Androscoggin River from Auburn. Many people think that Lewiston and Auburn belonged together. That is why they are also very much abbreviated as LA. In Lewiston is the Bates College and the University of Southern Maine.


They had already agreed in 1770 to found a city. However, this was not realized until 1795. 1809 Michael Little built a large sawmill at the falls of the Androscoggin River. This then burned from 1814 through arson.


Lewiston is the scene of the Stephen King miniseries Kingdom Hospital and was the venue for the boxing heavyweight world championship fight between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston on May 25, 1965.

Sons and daughters of the town