The abbreviation LF stands for:

  • Lebanese Forces, a political party in Lebanon
  • Leipzig TV, a local television station of Leipzig
  • License Plate of the district of Lilienfeld, Austria
  • Guide
  • LaFee, German dance-pop singer
  • Guide ( police ), a collection of regulations of the German police
  • Logical Framework, a representation language for logic
  • LF parser, a top-down parser
  • (LF )-space ( limit of Fréchet spaces ), one examined in the mathematics class of vector spaces
  • Ligand field term from the complex chemistry
  • Line feed control characters, see line feed
  • Löschgruppenfahrzeug or fire engine, a fire engine
  • Low Frequency ( English), a frequency band of electromagnetic waves, see long wave
  • Ladle Furnace ( English), ladle ( ladle = pan, a cylindrical vessel for receiving liquid steel in steel mills )
  • France after the ICAO code
  • Solvent-free, marking, inter alia, in paints and primers
  • The agricultural area of operation
  • LF import, former French automobile manufacturer

LF as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Running ( discontinued)
  • UK: Wimbledon (for vehicles from London)
  • Norway: Setesdalen in the province of Aust- Agder

The abbreviation stands for Lf:

  • Slowly driving signal ( in the German railway system ), see speed restrictions # slow driving signals Germany
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