LFA is an abbreviation for:

  • Länderfinanzausgleich
  • State Office for Occupational Safety
  • Country's tax office
  • Country Fürsorgeamt
  • Agricultural Research Institute
  • Leukocyte function associated antigen, a molecule that, inter alia, is important for the adhesion of white blood cells to the vessel wall
  • Lexus LFA, a car model from Lexus
  • NEO development bank Bavaria
  • Liberian Football Assotiacion, the Football Federation of Liberia
  • Ligue de Football Association, a French Football Federation
  • London Football Association, an English Football Association
  • Low Functioning Autism, a form of childhood autism, see autism # high-functioning autism
  • Aeronautical Research Institute Hermann Goering, see German Research Institute for Aviation
  • Lycée Franco - Allemand, see German -French Grammar School
  • St. Lucia Football Association, the Football Association of St. Lucia
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