Li Chao (chess player)

Li Chao (Chinese李超, Pinyin lǐ Chao; * April 21, 1989 in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province) is a Chinese chess master. In the World Chess Federation FIDE his name is a "b " is added because of the existence of another player with the same first and last name.

Li Chao reached at the U20 Junior World Championship in Istanbul in 2005, the 5th - 10th place and with an Elo performance of 2613 he met his first grandmaster norm. The second he fulfilled the Aeroflot Open 2007 in Moscow in the group A1, the third in the tournament Lake Sevan to Yerevan in July 2007, where he first - reached 3rd place; after the fine rating he finished third. He carries since 2007 the title of Grand Master.

Li Chao won by 8 1/2 points from 9 games in the Scandinavian Tournament in Täby 2007. He won the 5th IGB Dato ' Arthur Tan Open in Kuala Lumpur in 2007. During World Chess Cup 2009 in Khanty-Mansiysk, he switched in the first round Gabriel Sargsyan from a player of the extended world elite with an Elo of time 2676th In the second round, his task was easier on paper, Yannick Pelletier at that time had an Elo rating of 2589th against him he won with 4, 5:3,5. In the third round, he was eliminated by the world-class players Vüqar Həşimov (Elo 2758 ): Li Chao lost with 1,5:3,5. In May 2013, Li Chao won with 7 points from 9 games the discharged in Manila continental championship of Asia and thus qualified for the World Chess Cup 2013.