Li Yajun (weightlifter)

Li Yajun (* 1993) is a Chinese weightlifter. It was 2013 world champion in the weight category to 53 kg body weight


Li Yajun, a 20- year-old athlete from Guangdong was in October 2013 in Wroclaw world champion in the weight category to 53 kg. Your duel power amounted to 221 kg ( 100-121 ). Even with their performance in the snatch and jerk, she won the world title because it was a few grams lighter than Christina Iovu, a lifting of Azerbaijan Moldovan, who scored the same benefits.

For Li Yajun the start was the first at an international championship at this World Cup. They had risen only at the beginning of 2013 in the top class of the Chinese weightlifters in this weight class. In March 2013, it launched in the Chinese Championship and finished there with a capacity of 215 kg ( 100-115 ) behind Li Ping, 220 kg ( 100-120 ) and Zhang Wangqiong, 215 kg ( 95-120 ), 3rd place.

The starting place in the Chinese team, Li Yajun battled at the Chinese National Games in September 2013 in Shenyang. She won there with 227 kg ( 105-122 ) before Li Yan, 222 kg ( 101-121 ) and Zhang Wangqiong, 221 kg ( 98-123 ). Here, their performance was in the snatch of 105 kg to 2 kg over the existing world record. Since this competition but was not international, could their performance can not be recognized as an official world record by weightlifters World Federation ( IMF).

International success

World Cup individual medals

  • World Championship gold medals: 2013/Reißen - 2013/Stoßen

National competitions

  • All competitions in a duel, consisting of tearing and ' pushing
  • WM = World Cup