Lia stands for:

  • Lia (river), a river in Veneto
  • Lia ( singer ), a Japanese singer-songwriter
  • Lia ( first name ), a female first name, name makers see there

Lia is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Donny Lia ( born 1980 ), American racing driver
  • Erik Lia (born 1966 ), Norwegian badminton players
  • Santo Lia, German Pool player
  • Vince Lia ( born 1985 ), Australian football player

Lia is an abbreviation for:

  • Limba (Sierra Leone), a West Atlantic language of Sierra Leone, language code from ISO 639-3

LIA is an abbreviation for:

  • National Institute for Occupational design of North Rhine- Westphalia
  • Language Independent Arithmetic standard language-independent computer arithmetic
  • Laser Institute of America, awards annually since 1982 to Arthur L. Schawlow Award as an outstanding life's work in laser research and development, basic or applied
  • Lebanese International Airways
  • Libyan Investment Authority, English-language name for the state fund Libya
  • Linos GmbH was a German company to manufacture optical systems and components for optical and sold. Linos Since 2006, the Qioptiq Group and is absorbed into it. Than stock symbol
  • Luminescence immunoassay

LiA stands for:

  • Teachers employed ratio
  • The abbreviation of lock-in amplifier, see Lock -in amplifier
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