Liberal Alliance (Denmark)

Liberal Alliance ( LA), dän. for Liberal Alliance, is a Danish neo-liberal party.

It was created by three prominent politicians under the name Ny Alliance initiated 2007: Naser Khader and Anders Samuelsen, Folketing, or MEP for Det Radical Venstre, and Gitte Seeberg, MEP Conservative.

Formation and turbulence

The New Alliance presented itself as the party of the bourgeois center, which sees itself as a bridge builder in contrast to the extreme parties of the right and left bearing. In particular, they hoped in the 2007 election campaign, the right-wing populist Danish People's Party from the role of a Mehrheitsbeschafferin the liberal-conservative government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen to displace. The Prime Minister recognized the possibility of enhanced parliamentary Travels and immediately welcomed the establishment of a new party, although they must have meant a further competition in the bourgeois camp.

Even before details of a future party program were known already about 3,000 people were in the first few days at the new party, and soon after there were already over 10,000, according to the party. This would give them already overtaken established parties like Danish People's Party or Det Radical Venstre of members. Founding chairman and top candidate was Naser Khader, who was to leave but the new party again at the beginning of 2009.

In the early re-election to the Danish Parliament on 13 November 2007, the party won 2.8% of the vote and went with five deputies to the Folketing. After temporarily high poll numbers, this result was rather disappointing. The young party stood since been criticized because they had not yet found a clear political line. A few months after the election began the decay. Of the five Folketing members have three ( Seeberg, Aamund and last on 24 June 2008 Poulsen ) leave the party again. His poll numbers slipped in May 2008 less than one percent.

In the general election of 2011, the Liberal Alliance was over 2007 to improve their performance and gain five percent of the vote nine parliamentary seats.

Sharpening the liberal profile

Under the leadership of Anders Samuelsen, the party adopted in 2007, a decidedly liberal economic program. According took place on 27 August 2008 the change of party name to Liberal Alliance. Main concern of the Liberal Alliance are:

  • Wachstumspolitk as the basis of the welfare state
  • Lowering the top rate from 59% to 40 %
  • Cutting red tape
  • Hoisting the ban jungle, fighting the " Big Mother" Society
  • Strengthen individual freedom and responsibility